When you go to hire a new employee, do you show up without questions prepared? Probably not. The same goes for interviewing a potential Co-Managed IT Firm. The more you treat it like a defined recruitment process, the better off you’ll be.

Why are business leaders choosing Co-Managed IT in 2021? There is a shift happening in the marketplace where businesses are increasingly choosing to outsource specific roles to Managed Service Providers. There is a realization that it is not effective for larger entities to outsource all IT roles. After 100+ endpoints, it’s important to have an

SharePoint, which is part of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, is particularly beneficial to enterprises because it’s a powerful, out-of-the-box application.

This construction firm needed to update their IT environment, or else their software would stop working, and they’d be more and more vulnerable to cybercrime attacks. That’s why they came to Alltek Services. 

Temporary fixes to your IT problems shouldn’t be the norm for your IT support. It’s time to rip the band-aid off — get expert IT help that fixes problems for good with real solutions.

When Microsoft stops rolling out updates and any support for an operating system, it creates a chain of events.

Your users trust you with their data. In response, the law obligates you to archive and account for every piece of information and document handled by your organization.

Do you know it’s possible to expand your screen real estate even if you don’t have a second monitor? Well, the “Project to this PC” feature on your Windows 10 computer enables you to mirror your PC’s screen with no extra software or hardware. Let’s show you how.

With an increasing number of individuals working from home due to the pandemic, digitally collaborative software, like Microsoft Teams, is becoming more relevant and popular than ever.

In March alone, as COVID-19 sent hundreds of thousands of workers to home offices, video-conferencing application downloads were 10-15 times higher typical rates, with Zoom and Microsoft Teams leading in popularity.