How to Turn On Clipboard History in Windows 10

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How to Turn On Clipboard History in Windows 10

If you’re a Windows user, you’ve probably used the copy and paste functions countless times. However, there’s one related feature that you may have missed altogether: Clipboard history. Discover how to enable clipboard history and take your productivity to the next level!

For many Windows 10 users, the copy and paste feature doesn’t have much to offer in terms of improving productivity. In fact, the conventional “Ctrl”+”C” for copy and “Ctrl”+”V” for paste keyboard shortcuts have one significant drawback. You can only copy and paste a single item at a time.

Are you interested in learning how you can overcome this challenge? Let’s begin!

How Do You Turn On Clipboard History?

  • Start by clicking the “Start” button, followed by the “Gear” icon on the left side of the Start menu. This will open the “Windows Settings.” Alternatively, you could hold the “Windows” button and click “I.”
  • On your “Windows Settings” menu, select “Systems.”
  • On the “Systems” sidebar, click on “Clipboard,” then switch “On” the “Clipboard History” section and close settings. You can now use Clipboard history on any application.

What Is Stored in Clipboard History in Windows 10?

Before enabling Clipboard history, only a single item can be copied and pasted. At the moment, once turned on, the Clipboard history supports HTML, text, and images below 4 MB in size. Anything larger will not be stored in the Clipboard history.

Older items disappear as you add new ones meaning only a maximum of 25 entries can be stored. And if you restart your device, Clipboard history will reset with only pinned items being retained.

How Can You View Clipboard History in Windows 10? Simply hold down the “Windows” button and click “V.” If you’ve already enabled Clipboard history, this will bring up a list of recently copied items from any application you have used. A small window will appear containing a list, with the most recently copied item at the top.

To paste any item in the Clipboard history into an open application such as Windows 10, simply click on the item on the list.

If you’d like to remove an item from Clipboard history, click on the three dots(ellipses) next to the item. A small menu will pop up. Select “Delete.”

To remove all items from the Clipboard history, select “Clear All” from the ellipses menu.

You can also pin an item on the Clipboard history if you’d like to retain it even when you reboot your device or select “Clear All.” To pin an item on the list, click on the ellipses. From the menu, select “Pin.” Whenever you want to unpin the item, simply select “Unpin” from the three-dot menu.

How Do You Disable Clipboard History in Windows 10?

  • In case you’d like to turn off your Clipboard history in windows 10, go to “Settings”>”Systems”>”Clipboard.”
  • Once you’ve located the section titled “Clipboard history” and turn the switch to “Off.” Clipboard history is now switched off.

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