When you stand out from the crowd with superior tech skills, customer service, and IT support, amazing things start to happen. Robert Navarro, who joined Alltek through our partnership with Florida Polytechnic University, completed his degree program.

Walking The Walk; Talking The Talk

As Robert completes his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, we take this opportunity to share more about Alltek’ newest graduate.

When you attend a public university that is relatively new, students have the chance to not only carve out a niche for themselves in the student body, but also be part of making history. With Florida Polytechnic University, founded in 2012, students from the earliest classes had unique opportunities not found at most older educational establishments. Opportunities like contests to create the school mascot, or be a founding member of sports clubs and teams and pave the path for future students. As one of the first 500 students at Poly, Robert earned a scholarship to cover his tuition and allowed him to focus on his studies and his future.

Robert’s studies included a concentration in Cyber Security & Information Systems, and was one of more than 50 student athletes taking part in the first sports club at Poly – the sports club he, in fact, founded. How many students can claim that on a resumé? For three years, managing a paintball team while studying computer science and balancing school and life gives students like Robert the well-rounded perspective so many new graduates today need as they enter a workforce that is increasingly demanding, fast paced, and requires multi-tasking and critical thinking abilities on top of the skills learned in the classroom alone.

Robert still plays paintball, enjoys playing video games, and recreational bowling – he has even bowled in a league. The competitive drive from each of his favorite hobbies blends well with the team at Alltek – the demands of cyber security are ever-evolving, and staying ahead of technology threats requires the drive to “win the game”, so to speak.

Robert enjoys the work environment at Alltek, and appreciates the potential for upward mobility. We have the chance to learn something new all the time, and use this to the advantage of our clients. Given Robert has already learned to play the violin, the guitar, and the piano, as well as studied martial arts, it’s clear his eagerness to learn new skills is what makes him fit right in with the team from the get-go.

Fun Fact: Robert’s skills include solving a Rubik’s cube, with a personal best of 1:58.

Congratulations, Robert, on your achievements!

Alltek provides IT services and support from its Lakeland, FL, operational base, including:

  • Cloud services
  • Data backup and recovery
  • IT consulting and support
  • Managed IT services
  • Cyber security
  • Strategic IT planning

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