Virtualization Technologies In Central Florida (Questions/Answers)

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Virtualization Technology Is Changing The Way Florida Businesses Approach Data Backup And Recovery

Alltek proudly offers Virtualization Services to businesses across Polk County and Hillsborough County. We’ll work with you to design a customized virtualization solution that will protect your mission-critical data and improve accessibility for your team.

Businesses around the globe are turning to virtualization technology to improve the way they manage and use data and applications. With so much of what you do hinging on access to your technology, having a solution that can all but eliminates downtime and disruptions is an investment worth making.

Cloud technology is already making an impact on modern businesses as we know it – which is why cloud solutions are something we’ve been bringing to Alltek clients for years. Virtualization is the next logical step in taking that technology and all of its possibilities to an entirely new level.

Want to use everything you’ve got – files, data, operating system, applications, personal settings – from anywhere? That’s exactly what a virtualization solution from Alltek can do for you.

By virtualizing your entire IT environment in the cloud, your business can utilize a virtual computer environment within a private cloud network owned by you, or your virtualized system can be hosted in a secure data center. Either way, virtualization is as safe – or in some cases, safer – than on-premise networks, servers, and computers.

Virtualization gives your business the best of both worlds – the cost-saving measures and adaptability of the public cloud combined with the efficiency and company control provided by virtualization.

Virtualization allows you to:

  • Never worry about power loss or downtime
  • Access your company’s network and data anywhere at any time
  • Easily provide access to applications or data for work from home or remote employees

Greater Freedom To Work From Anywhere

Mobility is critical for today’s businesses. Your team can’t stay tethered to their desks without sacrificing productivity. There are always clients to check in on and meetings to attend, keeping you just as busy out of the office as in it. With virtualization, travel time and downtime become work time. Just log in from any internet-capable device and work on your virtual computer, just like you would if you were in the office.

Unparalleled Business Continuity

If you find yourself facing anything more serious than a lone malfunctioning workstation or faulty hard drive, data backups aren’t enough on their own. When you’re cut off from your systems and software, copies of your mission-critical data are not exactly useful. Data alone can’t get you up and be running again.

Virtualization preserves more than just your business data – it preserves your entire system. Your local device takes a backup of your entire system at regular intervals. It constantly updates, validates, and stores image-based backup files as VMDKs. These VMDKs contain all of the software, operating systems, and files from your devices and workstations.

With this type of solution in place, if your system fails, a virtual copy can be booted from the backup in a matter of seconds with the click of a button. Virtualization is designed to provide instantaneous restoration, making downtime all but nonexistent. This scalable, budget-friendly, and fully capable Business Continuity solution can protect your business from anything and everything.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing virtualization for the money-saving benefits or simply looking to save space and storage costs, Alltek is here to help. Contact our team of virtualization experts today at 863-709-0709 or {email}.