Use The Right Bait To Catch All The Fish!

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Online Marketing Tips By Taher Hamid, Alltek

Online marketing is pretty simple, but not so easy to do. It takes time and patience, just like fishing.

How do you make sure customers will find your business online and choose it? By using the right bait. Know your audience and give them something they’ll “bite on.” Then reel them in.

Here’s another useful tip …

Being a great online marketer is like being a shark. How? – Because a shark swims all the time. It never stops. If it does, it dies.

Think “marketing” all the time. What Stuart Crawford at Ulistic (our online IT marketing guru) tells us is: We must think like we’re marketing professionals who just happen to provide IT Service & Support.

This is great advice.

Remember these marketing tips as I share some more with you here.

Graphics –Templates Are Your Friend

When creating online or any other kind of marketing materials, don’t recreate the wheel.

None of us have the time to be creating custom graphics. Take advantage of what’s out there and make it work for you.

Find a free template and add your text to it. Adobe has some great templates that look very professional. I have a target slide that I customized, and I got it from Adobe for free.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be A Little Silly

It’s social media; you can be casual. Let your personality come through. The digital marketing of the past is no longer effective. People are getting away from the old corporate styles and language. Everything is more casual today.

Your audience will connect to you if you show a little personality in your writing and presentations. This might not be for the Mayo Clinic types. But if you work for a small business in Lakeland, Florida, this is how you should relate to your audience.

Be Your Brand

Get active on LinkedIn and in your community.

I want to “BE” Alltek … I portray it in every way that I can.

Show off your passion for your business. When you use LinkedIn, half of what you post should be about your company, the other half about you.

And remember, let your personality shine through so folks will relate to you.

Encourage Your Team To Market

Get your staff to take photos when they’re onsite working and post them on LinkedIn and Facebook. Have them post their success stories about your business on social media. Share your posts with family and friends and ask them to share them with others.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

It took about a year before we started getting any results from our marketing. Prepare for this. Don’t get discouraged and don’t stop marketing. Swim like a shark! Be patient like a fisherman.

A Great Example

Just this morning I checked my Instagram stories. (This is kind of like Snap Chat.) I found a great example of good content and marketing.

Royal Caribbean Vacations

Photo 1: Traffic Jam

300,000 ARE JAMMED ON I95

(This got my attention. Hey, that’s me sitting in all that traffic!)

Photo 2: A Man Diving With Sharks


(Wow! I want to dive! Adventure! This is what I want!)

Photo 3: A Woman Swimming With A Whale Shark


(This is my language. I’m only 25. It speaks to me. Yea, I’m sitting at a desk, ugh.)

Photo 4: A Man Swimming With A Whale Shark


Easy, right? (Swipe)

Here’s what this ad did:

  1. It made me feel bad about myself.
  2. It showed me what I wanted.
  3. It spoke my language.
  4. It showed me how to get what I wanted. (Swipe Up!)

The Royal Caribbean people knew what they were doing. They know who their audience is. And they know what “bait” to use to reel us in!

The ad wasn’t high quality. They obviously didn’t spend a lot of money on the graphics. But they succeeded at convincing me that I need to take a Royal Caribbean vacation. Plus, they made it easy for me to sign up with the Call To Action.

It works.

Paid Advertisements On The Web

Make sure you have your marketing down before you spend money on ads. You don’t want to send people to a website that’s not finished yet.

  1. Make sure your website is on point.
  2. Make sure you have your marketing persona.
  3. Target your materials to your audience.
  4. Know what you’re selling.

As a marketing professional, early in my career, I learned this the hard way. You can spend a lot of money on ads, but if your materials aren’t targeted and to the point, you won’t get results no matter how much you pay.

Social Media– YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn

You can get super granular with this. But remember, “Who Exactly Are You Targeting?” Refine your demographics, their location, their age, their hobbies. Create content and visuals that will reach your audience. Then put some money towards this so you can get in front of the people you want to get in front of.

Have realistic expectations. You won’t get 100 calls, but you might get one or two. If you spend $100 on your ad, and you get one or two clients, you’ve made some money.

Advertising investments pay off long term.

Google PPC (Pay Per Click) (not recommended for small businesses—too expensive)

Here’s how this works …

If you pay for ads, you’ll be in the top 4 searches on the Web. When people click on the link, you’ll be charged by Google. If no one clicks on the link, you won’t be charged.

But when people click on your link, you must be ready to capture their data. You might be paying $10 to $20 per click, so you want to get your money’s worth.

I don’t recommend this for small businesses. This is for large companies with marketing departments.

Google Remarketing (Small businesses should take advantage of this!)

When people visit your website, Google will have provided you with a pixel to capture their information. This tells you what pages your visitors went to.

And even better … from here on out, they’ll see ads for your business.

It usually takes 7 – 12 touches before you can capture a lead. Google Remarketing will help you do this. You can set how often leads will see your ads – once or twice a week for example. (You don’t want to appear annoying.)

Make sure your ad is eye-catching, simple, appeals to your target audience and provides a call to action. Also, provide a vehicle (web form) where you can capture their information so you can contact them and start building a relationship.

Be Different

I just got back from Thailand. There are street vendors lined up cooking the same thing everywhere. But one vendor has a longer line than the others.

Why? Because she wears a cowboy hat. She’s different.

Find your cowboy hat!

Use the right bait!

And, swim like a shark!

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