What To Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Current IT Company

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Are You Unhappy With Your Current IT Company?

Often, when it comes to IT support, the assumption is that if you’ve worked with one company, you’ve worked with them all. No matter what industry you’re in, you rely on IT in some way to power your operations.

The problem is that so many businesses accept inadequate IT support, because they assume there’s likely nothing all that much better out there. If you’re not satisfied with the one you currently have, it’s probably not worth you’re the time and effort it’ll take to find a new one. You’ll just encounter the same problems.



This is a dangerous assumption to make – as with any market, how could you expect the many, many options available to you to be the same? The fact is that they’re not – and not all IT companies are created equal. As you may have already noticed, firsthand.

Have You Encountered Any Of These Issues With Your IT Company?

You’re Waiting Too Long For Help

Every minute you or your staff can’t work because of an IT problem is a direct waste of your time and money. If your IT company isn’t responsive and prompt, then it’s not effective, simple as that. Don’t wait for any more than a couple of hours for a response and more than a day at most for a fix.

Solutions Don’t Last

Even if you don’t have to wait long to get a technician on-site, it’s not worth much to you if they just have to come back in a few days.

Ineffective IT support often means applying a “band-aid” solution that doesn’t really get to the root of the problem. The problem is that while the hardware may work when you get it back from them, there’s no guarantee it’ll last for long. That means there’s no way of knowing how quickly you’ll have to call them again to come back and do the same thing.

You’re Doing The Work

Think about the last time you or an employee called up your IT company – what was the conversation like?

Did they provide support via a remote access tool? Did they come to visit on-site and fix the problem for you? Or did they just lead you through a list of steps to try to get a fix?

Sure, sometimes when it’s a simple fix and you need it quick, having the person on the other end of the phone line tell you what to unplug and what to click can be an effective way to go about it.

But if it’s like this every time, then that’s another story. You need an IT company that actively manages the support process – not one that tells you what to do.

It’s Time For A New IT Company

Is this your daily experience with your IT company?

Then it’s time to make a change. Consider the IT companies in your local area, and don’t settle for one that doesn’t deliver exactly what you need.

Find the right one by getting them to answer these questions…

Do You Understand What I Do?

Nearly any IT company can fix your technology temporarily. What sets the truly worthwhile options apart from the rest is their attention to detail, and to you.

If they take the time to find out what your business does, and how technology plays a role in that, then they can make sure it’s repaired and configured to best suit your needs, as well as make suggestions for how to improve.

Will You Be Available When I Need You?

It doesn’t matter if they have Live Chat, a dedicated phone line, or a 1-hour response guarantee. When you have an issue, you want someone there to answer you. In their marketing, they could make any huge claims about how quickly they respond, but what matters is whether they’re there in the moment.

What Makes You Different From The Others?

This is the real “x-factor” in support services. Does the IT company do that little extra to make sure you’re taken care of? This can be difficult to describe without specific examples, but you know it when you see it.

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