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Spam Filtering Solutions

There was a time when you only needed to worry about a few suspicious email messages in your inbox. Now, a spam filtering solution is essential as any message could be a potential phishing threat lurking in your inbox.

It only takes one email to trick your employees and penetrate your network.

Alltek Services Spam Filtering Solution defends against targeted email attacks such as Whaling or BECs (Business Email Compromises). It blocks 99 percent of unwanted email and malware, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe.

How Does Our Spam Filtering Work?

It uses over 60 filtering techniques to check deceptive email address sources against key display names and quarantines or flags the message with a customizable indicator in the subject line.

It also uses a security platform and expert human analysis to identify threats and evolve defenses in real time to keep your organization safe from brand-spoofing attacks, BEC attempts, conversation hijacking, and other potentially harmful forms of social engineering.

Alltek Services Spam Filtering Won’t Let Anything Fall Through The Cracks

It’s an additional layer of protection that ensures your email is secured by multiple layers. A layered approach is the only way to ensure network security. We won’t let anything fall through the cracks!

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