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Security Risk Assessment

Periodic reviews of an IT network are vital to ensure the security and infrastructure is always running at peak performance.

What Is A Security Risk Assessment?

It’s a monthly or quarterly review that includes deep-level network and security analysis, vulnerability testing and reporting to accurately identify any security gaps.

We perform a non-invasive scan of your entire network, and everything connected to it, seeking out vulnerabilities that might be open to a hacker who manages to get by the network edge protection, or from a malicious internal source.

Regular monthly or quarterly Security Risk Assessments will also verify that your patches are current, which is a crucial factor in maintaining the long-term viability of your network.

You’ll Receive Reports Based On Our Findings

Reports are generated and provided to you so you can see if there are any gaps in your protection. They provide a higher level of assurance that you are doing everything possible to protect the security of your IT assets.

You’ll have an excellent overview of exactly what’s going on in your network and what exposure you may have sustained.

Based on findings, our experts will provide recommendations and help to create a customized cybersecurity remediation plan for your business.

Alltek Services Provides The Security Risk Assessments You Need

We provide many levels of Security Risk Assessments. Some industries, such as healthcare, require robust security risk assessments as part of compliance.

However, even for industries that don’t have this requirement, periodic assessments ensure they are as secure as possible.

By performing regular Security Risk Assessments, we can protect your technology assets, guard against hacking, and lock the cybercriminals out.

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