Security Camera Installation Florida

Alltek does more than just fix your technology issues. We pride ourselves on getting your company set up for success with security camera installation to protect your business and its assets. With years of hands-on experience, we work hard to ensure the premises are safe, secure, and monitored at all times.

Keep Your Business Protected With Professional Security Camera Installation

To keep your business growing, its internal and external security is of utmost importance. With our security camera installation, you can count on your company’s assets being protected.

When you think of your IT security, you often only think of software, like firewalls and anti-virus to protect you from hackers and data leaks. Physical security is often overlooked in the world of IT and is just as important in protecting your business.

Security camera installation can be complicated. At Alltek, we have years of experience in mapping out, planning and installing customized CCTV cameras for businesses.

The Details Of Our Security Camera Install

Keep your business safe and monitored with our camera install. Proper video surveillance can help you:

  • Deter criminal activity If you have noticeable equipment, criminals are more likely to find a more vulnerable target.
  • Keep your employees safe Our professional business security camera system installation will not only protect your assets but your employees as well. If your staff is working late or alone, a surveillance system can record any break-ins or accidents to help protect your employees.
  • Save moneyMany insurance providers even offer discounted premiums to businesses with office security camera systems. In some cases, insurance may even help to cover the initial cost of the security camera install. Having proper footage can also protect you when you need to file a claim.
Our professional security camera installation utilizes industry-leading video surveillance from Ubiquiti with multiple hardware options:

UniFi Video G3-PRO Cameras

  • 3X Optical zoom to allow for fine adjustments
  • Integrated high-powered LEDs with wide-aperture lenses and image sensors
  • A wide dynamic range for high-quality pictures and video

UniFi Video Camera G3 Bullets

  • 1080p video resolution
  • Cost-effective to fit your budget
  • Flexible mount for indoors or outdoors

In addition to our install, we also offer ongoing monthly management and support for the ultimate peace of mind.

You’ve already invested a great deal into your business, so start protecting what you’ve worked hard for.

Get Started by Securing Your Business With An Office Security Camera System

Deter criminal activity, keep your employees safe and save money for your company with a commercial security camera installation.

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