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What Can Your Business Gain With Security-as-a-Service?

Alltek’s Security-as-a-Service with SonicWALL protection is designed to protect organizations of every size without slowing down your network; providing you with fast, reliable performance.

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What Is Security-as-a-Service

Security-as-a-Service is an all-in-one comprehensive network protection that stops viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, key loggers and more before they enter your network. It provides you with the same level of network security that NASA demands and protects your network from a wide range of emerging threats.

Our Security-as-a-Service:

Provides Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This is a state-of-the-art sandboxing technology which opens/detonates unknown files in the Cloud to ensure they are safe before entering the network. We use SonicWALL protection because it combats “Zero-Day” unknown threats; it’s updated daily with thousands of threat signatures to automatically block threats. And, if the SonicWALL is unaware of a new threat, ATP helps to eliminate the risk to your network

Blocks threats before they enter your network. Entry points into your network may include employees’ laptops, desktops, and smartphones. Security-as-a Service secures your system and data against sophisticated, modern-day threats with comprehensive protection that includes intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, content/URL filtering, enforced client anti-virus, and anti-spam services.

Eliminates bottlenecks. The amount of traffic being scanned by your firewall, as well as the increasing amount of threats and malware attacking it, is quickly becoming more than many firewalls can handle. Alltek’s Security-as-a-Service with SonicWALL protection is designed to protect organizations of every size without slowing down your network; providing you with fast, reliable performance.

Keeps your network productive. Your network performance can be bogged down by spam, unauthorized web activity and social network traffic that have nothing to do with getting work done. Our Security-as-a-Service ensures your business-critical applications have the bandwidth they need with content and application control tools.

Provides secure mobile access from any platform. Your employees need access to email, files and applications wherever they are. Now you can allow mobile users to access your network with secure VPN remote access for Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Kindle Fire devices and be assured that it is safe, secure, and free from threats.

Is an all-in-one solution. Combine the features of traditional firewalls, gateway anti-malware products, intrusion prevention systems and content filtering software in a single solution. All of these security technologies are installed, configured, deployed, and managed as one unit. Detailed event data is available through one reporting system so it’s easier to identify threats early and take appropriate measures BEFORE your network has been compromised.

Protects your network with comprehensive security at a small-business price. Alltek Services provides Security-as-a-Service in as a monthly agreement that ensures your services are always up to date. You won’t have to make large purchases every few years to upgrade services and hardware.

Why Did We Choose SonicWALL For Our Security-as-a-Service Solution?

We chose SonicWALL Firewall and Advanced Threat Protection because it examines suspicious files at the gateway in a cloud-based multi-layered sandbox for inspection to keep your network safe from unknown threats.

As soon as new threats are identified and often before software vendors can patch their software, SonicWall firewall and Cloud Anti-Virus database are automatically updated with signatures that protect against these threats.

Are our firewall services right for you?

SonicWALL also provides the tools to enforce Internet use policies and control internal access to inappropriate, unproductive and potentially illegal web content with comprehensive content filtering.

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