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What Is Remote IT Support & Why Do You Need It? Remote Monitoring and Management helps us detect and repair problems that can cause downtime or security risks. It gives us the information and capabilities we need to deliver the highest level of response and maintenance.

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Remote IT Support Services

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is used to gather information from your computing devices to assess their health and to remotely perform various IT management services on them without disrupting your work. Remote Monitoring and Management helps us detect and repair problems that can cause downtime or security risks. It gives us the information and capabilities we need to deliver the highest level of response and maintenance. This ensures your network and workstations always run at peak performance.

RMM is essential to monitor your network, computers and software proactively. It uses technology tools to track and gather information about your applications and hardware. We can even monitor your routers, switches and some IoT devices. It provides the activity reports we need to respond quickly and resolve any issues that are found. In most cases, we can fix problems remotely.

We use ConnectWise Automate because it’s a highly effective RMM solution that lets us automate processes. It provides us with a single source of monitoring and reporting for remote control sessions. ConnectWise Control’s extended auditing even includes a video recording of remote sessions, so we are always prepared if we need this information.

Our world is becoming increasingly virtualized, and ConnectWise Automate allows us to adapt our service as technology evolves. We can even monitor virtual computing solutions like VMware and Hyper-V infrastructures.

Alltek IT Services

Why Do You Need Remote Monitoring and Management?

You need RMM for IT security. All of your workstations and servers should be connected to an RMM tool that monitors their behavior. The RMM also sends regular updates to operating systems, like Windows updates (on workstations and servers) to make sure all vulnerabilities are patched as soon as a manufacturer discovers them.

Hackers look for security flaws in software to exploit. They write codes to target software vulnerabilities. An exploit can infect your computer without your knowledge. It can steal data on your device or allow the attacker to gain control over your computer and encrypt your files.

This is why all of your systems and software, including networking equipment, should be updated in a timely fashion as patches and firmware upgrades become available. We can do this for your with Remote Monitoring and Management tools.

You need RMM to ensure IT uptime and performance. RMM will help you achieve higher levels of reliability. It does this by buffering outgoing and incoming data. Buffering outgoing data reduces traffic spikes that can overwhelm your IT system resulting in interruptions or downtime.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Remote Monitoring and Management?

RMM provides cost savings to your business due to its proactive approach. This is because it can prevent costly IT issues from occurring.

It improves your workers’ productivity because it can prevent technical problems that disrupt your operations.

RMM enhances your IT security. You won’t miss patches and updates that protect your devices from hackers.

Your network will be maintained by IT professionals who use best practices and high-quality technology to ensure computers and software run as they should.

Alltek IT Services

How Does RMM Work?

RMM software is deployed through an “agent” (software) that’s installed on your IT systems, workstations, servers, mobile devices, and other computing hardware. The agents send your devices’ data to us; information like machine health, status and more.

If a problem is detected, we’ll receive an alert, and a trouble ticket will be created so we can take the action needed to resolve the issue quickly. Trouble tickets are generated based on the type of problem and its severity. This helps us determine if an issue is critical or not.

With ConnectWise Automate RMM, we can completely transform your IT operations to make them run more efficiently and effectively.

It gives us total visibility and control from one central location so we can secure, support and manage your system remotely.

It allows us to work behind the scenes to deploy software, manage updates, and remotely connect to your computing hardware to troubleshoot issues.

It provides us with a set of tools for tracking trouble tickets to resolve any issues quickly.

We can streamline and automate your IT workflows to increase your users’ efficiency.

It also keeps you from constantly dealing with IT issues like disruptions and downtime because we catch and repair problems before this happens. In most instances, we can do this before you even know a problem existed.

We can even remotely install and configure software that you need to run your business.

It offers Mobile Device Management to ensure your mobile devices run reliably and securely.

With RMM, we can even chat online with your users while we remotely apply fixes.

What Alerts Does ConnectWise Automate RMM Provide Warnings For?

Server Offline

Backup Failure

Low Disk Space

AV Disabled / Out of Date

Updates Out of Date

New Software Installed

Services Stopped

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Is Remote IT Support Services right for you?

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