The people of Alltek Services are the trusted IT backup and recovery experts that you need on your side in the fight against ransomware!

Ransomware is an unforgiving beast that serves criminal masters.

  • It encodes your vital files and locks you out
  • It steals access to photos
  • It blocks admission to the simplest of documents and spreadsheets
  • It demands large sums of money to be paid in order to gain access to YOUR data

Are you prepared for the ransomware onslaught that IT professionals are forecasting?
The anti-ransomware warriors of Alltek Services know how to harden your defenses against the IT beast of ransomware, call us at (863) 709_-0709.

You aren’t even close to being prepared if you haven’t contacted a reputable IT management company like Alltek Services to come and set up business-class backup and recovery systems. Professional backup and recovery is the ONLY thing that can protect your files from the vicious teeth of ransomware!

Once ransomware gets its greedy hands on your data, it’s too late, Win the war against criminals who want to steal access to files and your money through ransomware by contacting Alltek Services today.

To learn more about Alltek Services, and the process that we use to guard against ransomware,
give us a call today at (863) 709_-0709 or send an email to With the right application of IT resources, we can protect you and your customers’ confidential information from ransomware.

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