How To Keep Your Staff Productive During The Coronavirus Pandemic

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County, Newsletter

Keeping Your Staff Productive During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Day by day, coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, and new measures are being enacted here in the US to limit transmission. Travel restrictions and bans on gatherings of larger than 250 people are being adopted in most states. The World Health Organization and CDC have plenty of recommendations for personal safety and hygiene.

But what about your business? Can you continue to meet the needs of your clients while your staff is kept from coming into the office?

What Does Social Distancing Mean For Business Continuity?

“Social distancing” will be a key measure in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Canceling large gatherings, and limiting your staff’s exposure at the office will be more and more important as time goes on.

But what does this mean for the business world? What can organizations do to limit the effect of coronavirus on their ability to deliver services, work with clients, and remain productive?

It all comes down to your business’ technology, and whether your staff can stay productive during a quarantine at home.

Do you have the right technologies and practices in place to let your staff work from home for weeks at a time?

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How Can You Empower Remote Work For Your Employees?

You need to develop a comprehensive strategy for cloud services delivery – right now. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get the right technologies in place and make sure your staff knows how to use them.

Your two priorities are:

  • Ease Of Use: Your staff members need to be able to do their work, and easily. If they’re fighting against unintuitive software, a bad connection, or anything else tech-related, their standard workday won’t be all that productive. It won’t be long before your business’ productivity grinds to a halt.
  • Reliable Connectivity: You need to poll your staff and find out who has a reliable Internet connection at home. If your staff lives in remote areas with poor connectivity, you may have to consider investing in cellular-data, or have a plan in place to deal with delays on their end.

What Tools Are Available To You?

Fortunately, there is an extensive range of cloud solutions available to businesses like yours to help bring your staff together while they’re self-isolating at home.

Remote hosting is a method for delivering software applications, databases, and files to users from remote servers that are housed off-site in data centers. This is opposed to the traditional, pre-cloud model in which all software was hosted directly on the user’s PC or laptop, or in nearby hardware.

When needed, the user can access the application and their data by securely logging in to the remote server via the cloud, usually through an Internet browser. Once logged in, the user can make use of the software, access and modify data, and more, all without having to actually be at the data center, or install the software on their own device.

By deploying one of these solutions, you can allow your staff to securely access work data, keep in touch with each, hold meetings, and more, such as Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams, as well as VPN software to keep connections secure.

The bottom line is that effective remote working depends on the implementation of a comprehensive strategy for cloud services in Polk County delivery. Remote workers need to be able to do their work, and easily.

If you need help setting up your remote work solutions, don’t assume you have to handle it on your own. Alltek can help.