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Professional Support for Any Printer Florida Companies Use

Call on Alltek Services for professional printer support for your company in Florida. We’ll help you get a printer and copier plan that doesn’t just fix things; it streamlines the entire process.

More companies are using IT services to manage and control printing

When you add printers and copiers to your business, things are more complicated than plugging it in and making sure you have enough paper and ink. From placing printers in the most helpful areas to ensuring only the correct machines can access them, if things are not done correctly, it can slow down your whole network.

Most businesses don’t know how and where to install printers for maximum efficiency. We can help you uncover hidden costs, eliminate spending on unnecessary machines, and provide on-demand service to keep your printers in working order.

Quick stats on printing

Did you know that many companies spend as much as 3% of their annual revenue on printing? Even a small business may spend thousands of dollars on printing every year, and that number goes up rapidly for mid-size and bigger companies. These fees also make printing one of the single highest office costs for companies.

Printing also makes up an exceptionally high number of calls to IT support companies like Alltek. Some businesses have as many as 60% of their calls focused on printers and copiers.

Most companies trying to print things need those papers in hand as soon as possible. Slow response times and maintenance issues can have a ripple effect that worsens operations, reduces profit, and ultimately damages the business.

Fortunately, while many printing environments are currently inefficient, Alltek can resolve this by creating personalized recommendations and service plans that will minimize downtime and reduce costs.

How we’ll help your company print in Florida

We use a four-step process for our managed printing program. 1. Step One: Identification: In the first step, we’ll identify every printing device in your company’s infrastructure, then search for inefficiencies and problems with the setup. From poor network connections to machines that need help, we’ll get as much information as we can.
2. Step Two: Monitoring: In the second step, we’ll gather information about supply levels, maintenance needs, and machine use to locate inefficiencies. Every company has different needs, so we’ll pay close attention to your company’s unique printing habits. 3. Step Three: Analysis: In the third step, we’ll analyze the information we’ve collected and provide data-based recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 4. Step Four: Optimization: We’ll continue analyzing things over time to look for changes in your company’s printing needs. This is largely an automated process, so we’ll proactively contact you when we identify a new area for improvement. In many cases, we can significantly reduce your capital expenditures, provide detailed billing information so you can see cost breakdowns, and simplify the cost for each page. Our managed services can also help automatically replenish your supplies, so you never run out of toner at a critical moment.

Modern printing technology

Should you go through a printer sales catalog and buy printers outright? Does it make more sense to lease the printing machines or to get a setup where you only pay when you print?

The truth is that when it comes to the printer Florida companies need, the right purchase model varies. What makes sense for other companies won’t always make sense for yours, especially if you don’t print off as much as other businesses.

Alltek Services can help you find the most affordable way to meet your printing needs. From connecting with legitimate suppliers to searching for the best deals on toner and parts, we have the knowledge and experience to get the modern printing technology you need.

One company that does it all

Here at Alltek, we believe in helping small and medium-sized businesses meet their technology needs. Business IT is a core component of most company operations, but it’s hard for anyone to stay on top of IT matters while also giving enough attention to everything else a modern business requires.

We’ll handle the technology side of things for you, with a focus on improving efficiency, maximizing profitability, and being ready to scale up as your business grows.

Some companies only provide printing services, but we’ll also help with your network security, strategic planning, and access to cloud services. All of this help means less downtime, more savings, and extra time to spend on the things that matter most to you.

Alltek’s four guarantees

You deserve services that your partners are confident in providing. That’s why we offer four guarantees with all of our cloud and IT services.

Secure: We connect everything to our Secured Data Center in Florida, where several layers of on-site security protect your data. Even our own employees can’t go in without strict monitoring and safety protocols in place.

Cost-Effective: We use efficient technologies and create customized plans to ensure that our services are good for your bottom line. By spending less and simultaneously improving services, your company becomes better.

Mobility: You and the employees at your company can securely access most systems and information from any internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re working from home or traveling around the world, help and support are available.

Scalable: Finally, we guarantee that our services are scalable. We design things to be efficient at all levels, even when your company sees tremendous growth. Technology should help you, not hold you back, and that’s exactly what Alltek provides.

Learn why Alltek is Florida’s trusted provider for printer support

If there’s a printer or printer network that Florida companies need help with, there’s a good chance they’re calling Alltek. From service and repair programs to money-saving plans, we can provide exactly the services you need at a rate that saves you money.

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