14 Reasons Why Businesses In Plant City, FL Should Outsource Their IT Support Needs

by | Oct 7, 2018 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Information technology is the most powerful force in the transformation of modern business sales and operations. Outsourced IT Services can help today’s smaller businesses keep pace with their biggest competitors.

Keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing information technologies is especially challenging for smaller organizations. However, small to medium-sized businesses in Plant City and Lakeland need the full range of expert local IT Support services that are essential to competing successfully with larger competitors that have full-scale in-house IT departments.

Having your own, reliable and highly-experienced local IT team nearby ensures that you can grow your business without the risk of unexpected prolonged downtime from serious problems that can emerge in your IT systems. Here are some of the most important immediate benefits of outsourcing IT support services for businesses in Plant City, Lakeland, and our neighboring areas.

1. Reduce IT Security Risks and Compliance Issues.

Experienced IT support professionals know how to minimize IT systems security risks and potential compliance issues for your business. Your Plant City IT support team will update your firewall as needed, install a DMZ, audit your servers and workstations, identify malware and spyware, remove viruses, and implement and maintain PCI standards. Outsourcing minimizes risks to your customers’ data, credit card numbers, and much more.

2. Have More Highly-Skilled and Cost-Effective IT Support.

Unless you are an IT expert, it is not possible to evaluate the level of skill an in-house team can bring to a major security breach or other serious emergent problems. For top IT support services providers, such events are much easier to prevent, and any significant issues can be resolved much more quickly than with a relatively inexperienced in-house IT worker. By contrast, the lone IT employee is isolated from the world of experts who keep up to date on the most advanced IT solutions and methods for minimizing downtime.

3. Control Your IT Systems Costs.

Outsourcing relieves your business of the fixed cost of in-house IT support. With a support service, you only pay for the services you actually need, and only when you need them. (Managed IT Services allow full-scale management of your IT needs at a lower cost than a less knowledgeable in-house team can provide.) Outsourced IT services should provide repair or replacement of processors, hard drives, motherboards, data backup and lost data recovery, security, Cloud solutions and many other IT support functions.

4. Free Your Resources.

With a small in-house IT Support staff, you have very limited resources for doing important IT work. Outsourcing your company’s IT support frees up resources that can be reallocated to objectives that contribute more directly to your business’s growth.

5. Build a Better IT Infrastructure.

Your IT service provider can help you identify security risks, and functional inadequacies in your current systems and provide a solution for improving process flows and overall efficiency of your IT infrastructure. These structural IT upgrades can directly contribute to business growth.

6. Increase Your Company’s Productivity.

Better quality of IT support results in greatly reduced downtime from serious issues. This can save your business from incurring a significant amount of IT expense, which can multiply your resources for upgrading IT systems to accommodate your marketing, branding, sales, product development and other activities that directly contribute to your growth goals.

7. Improve Efficiency of Your Resource Allocation.

Outsourced IT services allow you to budget more confidently and free up internal resources that can be allocated to other areas of business needs, such as IT equipment and systems upgrades and expansions, big data (high-value consumer data), and service enhancements, and many other improvements.

8. Bring Your IT Resources to the Level of Bigger Companies.

Big businesses often have vast resources and can maintain their IT systems with a full team of experts in-house. By outsourcing your small or medium-sized business’s IT services, you can effectively level the playing field, even for competition with your largest competitors.

9. Increase Your Business’s Efficiency.

Operating more efficiently increases your market competitiveness. However, ideally managing all IT services in-house takes a lot of time for intensive industry research and systems security and development strategy. Many less experienced in-house tech employees working in isolation are not even aware of all that is required to operate at the level of leading IT experts and provide optimal support. These necessary undertakings all increase IT costs, which must be passed on to customers or subtracted from your bottom line.

10. Maintain Your Full Focus on Doing Business.

Most small business owners are occupied more than full-time with the concentration on core business objectives and have very limited time to attend to IT systems and potential issues. Outsourcing to a reliable Polk County IT support service enables central Florida business owners to stay fully focused on doing business and avoid becoming side-tracked with costly distractions from IT issues.

11. Implement New Technologies Quickly.

A top-quality central Florida IT services provider has the abundant resources needed to implement solutions fully equipped and prepared with advanced strategies. Attempting the same project with a less efficient IT support force can take weeks, or even months just to get started. Identifying and hiring the right IT professionals in Plant City, fully training them for the requirements of a particular set of complex implementation processes easily becomes a very protracted process. For major projects, a quality IT services company brings a wealth of experience in saving your business money and time.

12. Compete More Effectively with Larger Competitors.

The majority of smaller businesses can benefit substantially from bringing IT systems maintenance up to the level of sophistication that much larger competitors have to their big advantage. Outsourcing enables a small company to perform as a big company, by having the same caliber of IT experts that leaders in your industry have. A leading Plant City and Lakeland IT services company also offer smaller businesses the same ability to manage your IT costs and benefits from lower prices from large-scale purchasing that big businesses have.

13. Have the Peace of Mind Afforded by 24/7 IT Services.

An in-house IT support employee is typically only available from 9-5:00 on weekdays and restricted to 40 hours per week. The best outsourced IT support services provide 24/7 response, which minimizes risk. After-hours, weekend and holiday response and problem resolutions can prevent the disruption of your business operations.

14. Expand Your IT Resources and Support Team Knowledge.

Your IT support team must be fully prepared to provide an immediate and effective response to an IT security breach or other major problem that might suddenly occur. Having an IT support team with the most current knowledge, manpower, and other support resources for quick and effective solutions is critical for minimizing downtime and revenue losses for your business.


Outsourcing enables you to increase your business’s productivity, cut IT costs, improve the quality of your services. The net effect of these advantages is increased revenues. To reduce your operating expenses, without negatively impacting your product or service quality, outsourcing your IT support services provides one important solution.

Ensure that you work only with a highly experienced IT services support company that is conscious of your costs. Ideally, your support service should provide 24/7 Help Desk support, web hosting, Managed IT Services, and strategic IT consulting for growing businesses.

Alltek IT Support Plant City and Lakeland FL

Alltek offers award-winning, state-of-the-art IT Support services, Managed IT Services and advanced strategic technology consulting for growing businesses. We are the leading provider of IT services in Plant City, Lakeland FL, and throughout Polk and Hillsborough counties.

We have built our reputation in central Florida on our track record of quality service and reliability. We’re known for our rapid response and problem resolution and consistent effectiveness in helping businesses increase efficiency, minimize downtime, reduce costs, secure their data, and increase profitability. Alltek IT support in Plant City and Lakeland include the following, among many others:

  • Network Support
  • Desktop Support
  • Quick Help Desk Response and Resolution
  • Data Backup and Lost Data Recovery
  • Cloud Solutions Implementation and Support
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Multi-Layered Data and Network Security
  • Structured Cable Systems
  • IT Consulting and Strategic Planning
  • VoIP Business Phones

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