Is Having a Physical Phone At the Workplace a Necessity Anymore?

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Is Having a Physical Phone At the Workplace a Necessity Anymore?

The business environment is rapidly evolving. The need for physical office spaces is becoming extinct, and many businesses are embracing remote working. According to a report by the Global Workplace Analytics, 5 million U.S. employees currently work remotely.

For decades, businesses have relied on traditional phone systems. However, these systems cannot support remote workers. For this reason, many companies are adopting Virtual Phone Systems. Check out our latest tech tip video to find out more about Virtual Phone Systems.

What Is a Virtual Phone System?

A Virtual Phone System is an internet-based communication tool that handles your business calls. Compared to traditional office-based phones, which require an office and hardware, virtual telephones can be easily set up on the web or using a mobile application.

The Virtual Phone System uses numbers known as ‘virtual phone numbers’ that look exactly like traditional phone numbers. The distinction is that they are not attached to a specific device.

This phone system takes advantage of the latest technologies providing an easy, flexible, and cost-effective communication option for businesses.

Devices that are compatible with a Virtual Phone System include:

  • Mobile phones and tablets.
  • Computers and laptops.
  • Landlines.
  • VoIP office phones.

What Are The Common Features of a Virtual Phone Service?

  • Virtual receptionists, self serve menus, and custom greetings that give information to callers.
  • Hold music to keep callers on the line.
  • Call routing to direct customers to the next available support agent.
  • Call forwarding to pass the customer onto another department.
  • Logs to view the date, time, and person making a call.
  • Managed caller ID to keep your staff’s cell number private.
  • Call recording for staff training purposes.

What are the Benefits of Using Virtual Phones?

  • A Virtual Phone System is Easy to Set Up: One of the biggest advantages of a virtual phone system is that it is easy to set up. Unlike the traditional phone system that requires substantial expertise and a lot of lead time to set up, the virtual phone system does not require technical knowledge to install. Since the virtual phone-system is cloud-based, the service provider will install it for you virtually and send a simple list of instructions that show you how to use it.
  • A Virtual Phone System is Cost-Effective: With a Virtual Phone System, you do not need to have new hardware, software, compatible desk phones, and specialized IT expertise to configure and maintain your phone system. This way, you can save up on costs or allocate them to other aspects of your business. Call charges with Virtual Phone Systems are generally much cheaper than traditionally based carriers, making it more cost-effective.
  • With a Virtual Phone System, You Get Modern Features: A Virtual Phone System comes with modern features like text messaging, auto-reply, call menu options, incorporating other applications such as Microsoft Teams and customer service software.
  • It is Easy to Scale Your Business With a Virtual Phone System: As your business grows in staff or locations, so do your communication needs. With a Virtual Phone System, there is no need for major phone system upgrades. Virtual Phone Systems will quickly adapt to your growing business without huge unexpected costs.
  • With a Virtual Phone System, You Can Route Calls Anywhere: Since the Virtual Phone System is based on the cloud and the virtual number is not assigned to a specific device, calls can be routed to any location or device you want — be it a desk phone, a home phone, a personal home, a tablet or a computer.
  • Your Company’s Productivity Is Increased: With a Virtual Phone System, your employees can work from anywhere, even when they are out of the office. Since calls can be easily routed to their mobile phones, they can continue to work even when they are not in the office.

Effective communication is crucial in the running of any business. Therefore, you need to have a reliable phone system that enables your employees to work from any corner of the globe.

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