Outsourced IT Services

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Content

Need a helping hand with your information technology systems? Our team is here to assist you.

Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in the growth and success of organizations all over the world – allowing for easier remote access to data and applications, greater efficiency throughout the day, and of course, better customer experiences that give you a competitive edge. Whether you already have an internal person or department or you’re handling it on your own, sometimes, a helping hand is necessary.

Alltek Services provides a range of outsourced IT services to assist with any and all technology requirements. Below is a list of our offerings that are available as a stand-alone service or bundled into a plan.

IT Projects

Many organizations are surprised to find that undergoing any sort of technology project requires more time, planning, and effort than initially imagined. We can assist with designing infrastructure, deploying systems and software, migrating to the cloud, and overall, any sort of project that needs to be managed from start to finish.

Help Desk Services

When quick response time is imperative, we’re able to assist with a fully staffed, local help desk that can act as a centralized resource for your entire team – from answering questions to troubleshooting issues to facilitating solutions to known problems and everything in between. We’re available around-the-clock.

Core Infrastructure Support

Your servers and other core aspects of your infrastructure act as the foundation of your entire information technology environment. Our team of licensed, certified engineers are able to assist with maintaining and optimizing the health and performance of your core infrastructure elements to keep them running at peak performance.


It’s no secret… Cybercrime is growing at an astounding rate, especially as remote work becomes more popular than ever. Our team offers a whole host of cybersecurity solutions, including but not limited to anti-virus software, firewalls, intrusion detection software, multi-factor authentication, awareness training, and much more.

Strategic IT Planning

Your technology should be aligned with your organizational goals, and oftentimes, this means you need to spend a significant amount of time planning what’s necessary to achieve your targets. We can assist with strategic IT planning that takes short and long term goals into account.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud allows for anytime, anywhere access to applications, data, and systems. We can assist with migrating you over to the right cloud solution for your unique needs – giving you the ability to avoid large upfront costs associated with on-premises equipment, including purchasing, maintaining, and supporting that equipment.

Structured Cabling

Your cabling is essential as it connects your computers, servers, and peripherals to the internet and intranet to ensure you’re able to stay productive. We can assist with ensuring your cabling is installed and configured properly to met your unique needs in terms of performance, up-time, and health.

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