Who Provides Office 365 Migrations For Companies In Polk County, FL?

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Migration of IT and data storage systems to the cloud has been increasing across the Polk County and Hillsborough County business communities. More businesses are demanding the advantages that cloud solutions deliver. Cloud-based platforms offer today’s businesses faster functioning, more accessible, more secure, less expensive overall and by far more seamlessly scalable business technology than on-premises systems.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is the hosted, cloud-based version of the on-premises installed version of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. The online version includes Office, Exchange Online, Lync Online, SharePoint Online, and an array of other applications options.

Office 365 is a game-changer for business office operations. With Office 365 online, new communication and collaboration options are opened up to users who need to be able to remotely access and work in files and send and receive emails and use other work tools. The applications you know and depend upon, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and additional applications and tools all function as usual. The difference is that they’re accessible from any location with internet access, allowing your staff freedom and flexibility to work anywhere and from a variety of devices.

Because the platform is cloud-based, there is minimal hard-wired IT equipment on-premises, which means reduced overall IT management and maintenance costs. IT maintenance tasks like installing patches and work on IT systems infrastructure are eliminated.

Your IT administrator can access your Office 365 platform and applications from your company’s web-based portal to set up accounts for new users, set permissions, monitor the status of Office 365 tools and services and many other tasks, all managed online for your business.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Features of your Office 365 system will be based on the subscription plan you select. Programs range from limited features sufficient for home use, to full-scope enterprise systems and the many levels of feature choices between the most minimalist and the most comprehensive options. Here are some of the popular 365 features:

  • Exchange Online — Cloud-based alternative to the version of Exchange designed for an on-premises server, allowing 24/7 secure access and use of email, work calendar, and email contacts from anyplace with an internet connection from any desk or laptop or mobile device. Protects against malware introduction through email.
  • Office Suite — The standard Office suite basics, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and package options to expand capabilities, as needed, including Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Skype for Business.
  • Skype For Business — Provides instant messaging, audio and video calling, as well as audio, video, and web conferencing, for convenient communication and collaboration anytime and from anyplace.
  • Office Professional Plus — Tools to expand Microsoft Office capabilities to allow your staff to work from any location with Internet access and from virtually any enabled devices.
  • OneDrive for Business — Provides a secure and abundant cloud file storage space to protect and preserve your valuable data.
  • Microsoft Teams — Online meetings, instant messaging, and video calling accessible from within the standard Office applications you’re using, enables optimal logistics for meetings.
  • Collaboration & Document Sharing — Provides access and sharing of documents, calendars, contacts, tasks and discussion points in one location, all from one shared computer or even from a smartphone.
  • SharePoint Online — Web portal enabling collaboration and networking options for the business. Offers an integrated portal for use by staff, stakeholders and customers to easily collaborate.
  • Delve — Data discovery tool, employing machine learning to help identify the most relevant content to aid in prioritizing activities.
  • Planner — Project management tool facilitates task planning, documentation and communications across project teams.
  • Video — Private business library centralizes storage of video files for convenient indexing and access.
  • Yammer — Convenient, fast communications alternative for enterprise-wide social networking.
  • Sway — PowerPoint alternative and supplementary application for creating presentations, reports and newsletters with just the look you want.
  • Power BI — Analytics service with interactive and business intelligence capabilities to provide advanced business leadership insights.

What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2016?

The Microsoft Office 2016 suite of software applications includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote in the basic Home and Student version. The selections of upgraded packages for business office users include additional programs like Outlook, Access and Publisher.

The Office 365 cloud-based platform is a subscription service. Some plans are functionally the same for end users as their Office 2016 software suites. The significant differences in Office 365 are that users can access their applications and files and work from anywhere with an internet connection, and instead of buying their software license, they pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. Office 365 also offers a large variety of additional optional software applications for Microsoft Office users and administrators.

Other Office 365 plans are designed for IT department use, featuring applications for server-side users, like SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange tools for user accounts administration, monitoring, tracking, reporting and other platform management tools.

Managing Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Migration to Microsoft Office 365 can be performed from Google’s G Suite, on-premises Microsoft Exchange or other platforms. Alltek’s Office 365 Consulting and Support specialists will walk your business smoothly through the phases of the migration process.

Our streamlined but thorough approach will effectively transition your business systems through the process. We complete the migration phases within the briefest timeframe feasible so that you and your team can start experiencing the powerful operational advantages offered by state-of-the-art business solutions in Office 365 as soon as possible. We will provide you with:

  • A detailed, easy-to-follow plan of your Microsoft Office 365 migration process.
  • A complete array of options for customization of your system.
  • Guidance in preparation of your existing IT environment before the migration.
  • Coordination with your IT systems users and tech support staff.
  • A clear explanation of what to expect following the migration.
  • Temporary or ongoing support after your Office 365 migration, as preferred.

Outsourcing Migration to Microsoft Office 365

There are significant benefits of outsourcing execution of the Office 365 migration process to Alltek specialists, and in maintaining ongoing remote IT management of your new cloud-based system.

Alltek experts will streamline the multi-phase migration process.

We use industry best practices to manage all parts of the process, so you and your team can carry on your regular activities with confidence that there will be no costly disruptions.

Then, we help you and your staff fully understand how to get the most from your new cloud solution.

And, we adhere to your budget for the project.

Alltek, Lakeland FL, Microsoft Partner in Polk County

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