You Asked & We Listened: New Help Desk Hours!

by | May 28, 2019 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

We are expanding our Help Desk hours! You’ll have an additional 2.5 hours at your disposal if you’re one of our managed clients.

Our new Help Desk hours are Monday – Friday from 7 am to 7 pm.

You also have the option to include nights and weekends.

We made this change because we listened to our clients and the increased demand for expanded help desk hours. And we’ve already received a lot of positive feedback! This will help to improve our response and resolution time even more as we grow.

Many IT support companies don’t scale well. They sacrifice IT service quality for more business.

We are dedicated to improving every aspect of our service. This is the ONLY reason that we’ve been able to increase the number of clients we serve.

Our clients trust us to make the best decisions for them. This is precisely our motivation behind the expansion of our help desk hours.

Just a reminder… These expanded hours are available to all of our managed clients.

Is Your IT Company Local?

If Not…You Aren’t Getting The Help Desk and IT Support Services You Need

You have a choice.

Do you want an IT services company that never visits your office?


  • One who visits as soon as possible;
  • Also offers remote management technology for day-to-day help desk support;
  • Addresses your unique needs; and
  • Resolves IT issues quickly and correctly?

Today with the “Big Guys” offering cloud-based help desk services from afar, business owners in Florida locations like Winter Haven, Tampa, Plant City and Lakeland are confused about what type of help desk and IT service they really need.

IT is more complicated than ever before, and there are many factors to consider when you’re deciding on an IT services company.

But when all is said and done, the most crucial question to ask yourself is if you’d like to work with a local IT company that has visited your site and knows your business well; or a distant “Big Guy?”

What Are The Benefits of a Using a Local Help Desk Service Over a Long-Distance One?

Most small businesses still rely on computing devices and servers that are housed in their offices. While remote monitoring via the Cloud is no doubt a good thing, do you really want all of your IT services to be remote?

You can hire a remote “Big Guy” but what happens when a disaster occurs, you need a major upgrade, or new equipment installed that requires on-site service?

Without a local IT provider and help desk to call, these things could go unattended and end up hurting your business.

The following are the top 4 reasons why it’s best to use an IT Support Company in your area.

  • On-Site Support

When you need to get your critical systems back online, it’s frustrating and time-consuming to rely on support professionals from another side of the country (or world) who don’t have the resources necessary to visit your facility.

When you work with a local IT company, technology experts can come to your location, diagnose the problem and immediately implement solutions to resolve the issue correctly.

  • Technology Training

To maximize the value of your services and upgrades, a local provider will make sure your staff understands how to make the most of them right after they’ve been implemented.

While a distant IT company can provide training materials and support, they can’t be onsite to lead training sessions, work one-on-one with employees, and answer important questions.

Natural disasters, water main breaks, and power failures can occur at any time. These events can easily harm your technology infrastructure.

Rather than trying to describe the consequences of a disaster to someone over the phone, an IT support company that’s close by can come to your site and evaluate the severity of the situation. In a case like this, there’s not much a remote IT service provider can do for you.

  • Personalized Attention

Your business is unique, and likely doesn’t align with a one-size-fits-all IT approach. Many remote IT service companies try to implement generalized solutions because that’s what they can easily sell.

They don’t know (or even care to know) that you require more unique solutions to grow your business. With a local IT services company, you can receive the personalized attention you deserve.

Your Best Choice? To Use a Local IT Support That Will Meet Your Unique IT Needs

Have you ever experienced a technology issue that threatened to shut you down? – One where a call to tech support couldn’t resolve it?

You might need a new computer, server or repair to a cable connection. Rather than trying to figure this out on your own, and make a bigger mess of things, it’s reassuring to know that you have an IT company with an office located nearby.

A local IT company can provide you with the exact same services as a virtual provider, in addition to personalized attention and on-site support.

In order to prepare for any possibility, your best choice is to work with a local company that has the resources necessary to send IT professionals to your location and give your business the attention it needs.

It’s essential that all businesses have a locally based IT team that can provide on-site support in a pinch. When you do, response time is lowered, and technology issues that can’t be dealt with remotely are resolved ASAP. This prevents IT interruptions and downtime that can cost you in productivity.

When Do You Need On-site Support?

  • Network Installations and Configurations: You need an experienced IT professional to come to your worksite and install, connect and configure your networking devices. This isn’t something you should do on your own. With so many IT security issues today, you must ensure that only your authorized users have access to your network and that you can eliminate the risk of unexpected connection outages.
  • Wi-Fi Installation: Whether you need a single-office Wi-Fi setup or wireless across a large facility, your locally based technician can implement single or multi-site deployments for you that are reliable and secure.
  • Set Up New Hardware: Have you ever purchased a new laptop or workstation that you couldn’t set up on your own? It’s tricky to do correctly if you want to ensure that your computer devices are optimized to give you the performance you need. A quick call to your neighboring IT company’s help desk can save you from headaches and time wasted trying to figure out how to set them up yourself. Better yet, let them procure the hardware you need. They can probably get a better price than you can.
  • Cabling: Need a professional to run cabling? It’s not as easy as it used to be. Today CAT6 network cable is used by most businesses. That’s because it’s composed of 4 pairs of copper wire for higher performance and was designed to support Gbps Ethernet that can transmit one gigabyte per second for performance, reliability and security. It meets best practices in design, builds, and management for structured cabling systems. Your Lakeland, Florida IT professional can set you up and if necessary, replace your cabling when needed. When they’re nearby, you won’t go long without the services you require.
  • Relocation Services: Hopefully, your business is growing. If so, you’ll probably need to relocate to a larger facility at some point. You can’t trust your employees over moving companies to move and set up your technology in your new location. You need the fast, efficient and reliable service that only an IT services company located nearby can provide. Today businesses need an IT Relocation Plan that includes site visits, equipment evaluations, telecommunication requirements and various options for design. Then your IT professionals can work to relocate and set up your technology and communications during times that aren’t busy and won’t interfere with your work processes. A local company can get you up and running in your new facility faster than one that’s far away.
  • Training: Whether your staff needs training on new hardware or software, you want a Lakeland IT professional who can provide the on-site help they need. An IT support company located nearby can dedicate the time your staff needs during the hours that suit them best.
  • CIO Services: Sometimes, you need the expertise of a Chief Information Officer, but you don’t want to hire one. With a local IT provider who has a CIO on staff, they can provide everything an employee would do for a fraction of the cost. And with them nearby, you can set up the face-to-face meetings to get the advice you require. A Lakeland-based CIO will assess your business processes, technology status and help you plan an IT strategy for growth.  They can recommend, configure, implement and train your staff on IT solutions that will help you succeed.
  • Project Management Services: Sometimes you need extra hands when running a new project. A local IT services company can provide the support you need for the successful and timely delivery of IT systems that are on time and budget. They can visit your office from the start of a project to its completion. Just having them nearby will ease your worries knowing you can call the help desk and meet on issues that come up unexpectedly.

In Conclusion

The IT company you work with should always have a local presence for on-site support. Although we can do a lot remotely via the Internet, there are many times when on-site help is required and is the best option.

Get the Help Desk and IT Support you need for your business in Winter Haven, Tampa, Plant City or Lakeland Florida.

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