New Client – Keystone Challenge Fund

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Another great day! Today we get to the opportunity to announce our new partnership with Keystone Challenge Fund. One of the best aspects of our work is the ability to serve businesses with such an amazing mission. Keystone Challenge fund was founded in 1991 in Lakeland, and has made a tremendous impact on this city in the years since.

Through construction, rehabilitation, and down payment assistance, Keystone has participated in over $400 million in residential real estate development and has helped 4,000 families to become homeowners! This has made a direct impact on many communities by maximizing the availability of affordable housing and increasing economic growth through job creation, as well as increasing the local tax base.

However, the benefits that Keystone Challenge Fund brings to our community does not stop there. Along with developing new properties, Keystone also purchases and rehabilitates existing properties. Low income homebuyers now have greater access to beautiful homes and assistance in purchasing those homes. A great cause, wouldn’t you say?

Keystone also provides free Homebuyer Education courses every single month to anyone interested in pursuing the path to homeownership…. They may find me at the next one! They have helped educate 20,000 individuals on homeownership since the courses started.

Home and apartment rentals are growing steadily each year, but incomes are relatively consistent. The high rents can lead to individuals being unable to save for homeownership, because so much of their monthly income is immediately occupied. Very low, low, or moderate income households become trapped in this vicious cycle. President Jeff Bagwell and his staff understand that these households need help to break free. This incredible not-for-profit business does just that.

To learn more about our newest client visit their website at: Also, I challenge you to watch the Keystone’s Mortgage Free Donation video on their website/YouTube channel without tearing up. I can tell you from experience that it’s impossible.