Why Should I Use SonicWALL for Network Security?

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

There are many reasons if you want one of the best armaments in the “cybersecurity arms race” working for you. The SonicWALL network security gifts are becoming well-recognized since the tech firm spun-off from Dell in its bid to help re-shape global cybersecurity defenses at the business and corporate level.

It’s been about six months since SonicWALL went independent, and in that time the firm has reported about 10,000 partners registering from more than 90 countries for its SecureFirst program.

And, SonicWALL is now providing its partners with more education through the SonicWALL University to make sure those partners know exactly how to sell to customers — and provide the kind of on-demand support they (you) need.

The network security vendor has also recently made more marketing tools available, which all makes for a very attractive package indeed for retailers, subscribers, and end users of SonicWALL network security technology.

What types of businesses will benefit the most from SonicWALL network security?

Any business will benefit! SonicWALL cybersecurity hardware arms companies across market segments and industries with compliance-ready levels of cyber defense.

I hear SonicWALL is one of the best network security tools for stopping ransomware – is this correct?

You heard right! SonicWALL next-generation firewalls provide users a multi-layered fortress that enables the agilest ransomware prevention device on the market.

The cloud-based SonicWALL Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service scans a broad range of file types. It then detects advanced threats, analyzes them in parallel engines, blocks them before a security verdict, and rapidly deploys remediation signatures.

Is it true that the new SonicOS has, even more, power behind it?

Yes, indeed! SonicOS 6.2.7 provides enhanced breach prevention, a new threat API, improved scalability and connectivity while simplifying management. This ensures small businesses and large distributed enterprises receive a high quality-of-service level, increased on-demand capacity and connectivity, as well as better security.

To wit, the SonicWALL SSL VPN protects remote client devices by creating a secure connection to enterprise networks, with many options for customized security features.

Is SonicWALL adept at preventing or eliminating email threats as well?

Absolutely! Next-generation SonicWALL Email Security protects you from advanced email threats. And, now available integrated with Capture Advance Threat Protection service, it delivers fine-grained, user-transparent inspection of SMTP traffic, and the cloud-based Capture ATP service can scan the broadest range of email attachment types, analyze them in a multi-engine sandbox, and block dangerous files or emails before they reach your network.

Perfect! How do I get started?

Call an Alltek consultant now at 863.709.0709 or email us at {email} to get started right away optimizing your IT network with leading-edge SonicWALL network security technology!