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What Solutions Do We Use To Protect Your IT Network?

Implementing network security can be complicated. Gone are the days when you only needed an antivirus and firewall. IT security today requires a comprehensive, multi-layered approach. It’s necessary to ensure that your IT system is protected from both known and unknown malicious threats.

To protect your IT network, we use a bundled solution with 10 of the most up-to-date, advanced protections available:

Remote Monitoring

This is a powerful remote monitoring and management solution that lets us proactively maintain your network. It includes security alerts, patching, and managed updates; and it helps us keep your technology running at peak performance and protected 24/7.


This is award-winning antivirus protection that also protects your identity. It offers complete protection from viruses and identity theft for all your devices without slowing down your workflows. Along with identity theft protection, it provides for secure browsing with real-time anti-phishing, lightning-fast scans and webcam protection.


This removes the complexity associated with choosing a host of add-on security services by integrating all the network security services required for total protection. It keeps your network safe from zero-day attacks (where patches haven’t been developed yet), viruses, intrusions, botnets, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malicious attacks. It examines suspicious files at the gateway in a cloud-based multi-layered sandbox (a restricted operating system environment) for inspection to keep your network safe from unknown threats.


Your data is stored in three locations to ensure swift recovery in case of an issue. It’s safe, accessible and optimized at all times. With our backup solution, you’ll be able to recover your data no matter the disaster.

Spam Filtering

This captures malware and phishing attempts before they reach your inbox. It protects your inbox from brand-spoofing attacks, business email compromise (BEC) attempts, conversation hijacking (where hackers are inserting themselves into email conversations), targeted email attacks, and includes sender verification standards that prevent domain spoofing (where an attacker uses a company’s domain to impersonate a company or one of its employees).


This ensures that traffic from suspect countries never reaches your network. The majority of attacks come from a few countries like China, Russia and Brazil. So, it makes sense to simply cut off access to your computers and networks from those locations. Geo-filtering is an effective way to stop hackers from attacking your business.

Content Filtering

This automatically blocks malicious and unproductive sites. We use a program to prevent access to certain items that may be harmful if opened or accessed. It can easily be updated by admins to include/exclude specific sites or applications.

Security Risk Assessments

These are periodic reviews of your network that identify, quantify and rank possible vulnerabilities. It’s vital to ensure IT security and that your infrastructure is always running at peak performance.

Complex Passwords

Certain force functions are essential for keeping your network safe. Ensuring complex password requirements prevents hackers from using brute force attacks to enter your network. You need complex passwords to protect email accounts, banking information, private documents, administrator rights and more.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps you protect your identity and accounts. More organizations are using it for its security and ease-of-use. It requires an additional layer of protection for access. This makes it more difficult for criminals to login to your accounts.

As you can see, protecting your IT network involves layer-upon-layer of up-to-date solutions, services and tactics. That’s because cybersecurity is a moving target that you must keep up with to ensure the security of your business data. With our bundled solution, you can.


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