Bring Your Business Into The Safe Zone With TotalSafe From Alltek

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County


The #1 most common misconception in cybersecurity is that technology is all that matters – do you feel confident with just a firewall and antivirus keeping you safe?

Here’s the reality: almost every business has the security basics, such as a firewall, but very few are taking the next necessary step in cybersecurity – implementing best internal best practices.

Staff from all levels are falling victim to phishing attempts, clicking on links they should be avoided, and even taking advantage of their position to access sensitive data. According to Verizon’s annual report, 55% of network security incidents are tied to employees abusing their system access.

This is happening. You know it, we know it, and the criminals know it. So, how do we fight back?

TotalSafe is a great place to start.

Our premium security offering goes beyond the basic necessities. TotalSafe offers cutting-edge cybersecurity training for employees, reducing the risk that human error will lead to a major breach. Benefits of TotalSafe Training include:

  1. Professional security training for all employees – Progress and pass rates will be provided, with a score of 80% or better required to pass
  2. Self-registration and the ability to start, stop and continue training as needed
  3. Monthly training to keep up with the latest threats
  4. Modules based on case studies and real-life examples to make learning easier and feel “relevant”
  5. Simulated phishing and spoof emails to train staff on what to look for and more importantly what to avoid

TotalSafe Training is easily accessed online and can be completed in a time frame that works best for you and your staff. There are no deadlines here – the program moves at your pace.

In addition to training employees to become cybersecurity assets, TotalSafe provides industry-leading cybersecurity solutions that include:

  1. Real-time internal network monitoring to halt malicious attempts by disgruntled employees
  2. Continuous monitoring for unauthorized logins or attempts to restricted computers, unauthorized wireless connections to the network, or an unusual midnight log-in for the first time by a day-time worker
  3. Alerts should a new user profile suddenly added to the business owner’s computer or a new user is granted administrative rights
  4. Monitoring to look for an application just installed on a locked down system, or sensitive personal data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and birth dates stored on machines where it doesn’t belong
  5. Active Dark Web monitoring to detect when your compromised credentials have been posted online, notifying you immediately if these critical assets have been compromised before they can be used for identity theft, data breaches, or other crimes.

Traditional cyber security products only protect your data from the inside of your firewall. Most organizations don’t realize when their digital information is being sold on the dark web until they’re told by law enforcement officials.

You can’t stop this on your own – but Active Dark Web Monitoring will help. This global, cyber-surveillance monitoring solution puts strategies in place to deter any instance of your information being shared on the Dark Web.

  • Standard enterprise-level security services – help desk, 24/7/365 system and network monitoring, patch and update management, and more

By providing training and a higher level of monitoring of internal network activity, we can stop even more issues before they occur. This additional layer of internal security doesn’t just compliment your external security; it gives you the ability to exercise control over what goes on inside your network.

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