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Network And Security Review: What Is It? (And Why Do You Need One?)

Having your network reviewed is an important part of keeping it optimized and secure. Without having it reviewed on a regular basis, your network could be causing undue downtime, or leaving vulnerabilities open to exploit by cybercriminals.

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because there’s something wrong with your network.

Maybe it’s slow and makes you and your staff wait every time you need to access something. Or maybe you’re worried it’s not secure, and it’s just a matter of time before a cybercriminal penetrates it.

In either case, you should be commended for thinking about the state of your network — not everyone does. Often the least thought of aspect of an IT infrastructure, the network is just as vital as any other part – why? Because it’s everything. Both literally and otherwise, the network ties everything together, and by definition, includes all aspects of the environment.

That’s why you need to have a Network and Security Review on a regular basis — check out our latest video to discover more:

What Is A Network And Security Review?

The Network and Security Review is a comprehensive deep dive into your computer network, security technologies and processes. This is done for all new clients to identify gaps in security, operations, and speed of your computer network and IT systems. It is also completed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually for current clients, depending on need.

What Is Our Network And Security Review Process?

Alltek Services performs Network and Security Reviews for all our new clients, and on a regular basis for ongoing clients to make sure that their networks are in optimal condition and are properly secured. Our process includes:

  • Information Gathering: The process starts with downloading our management software on a server or workstations. This helps us to gather data on the network and deploy further investigation tools.
  • Comparison & Evaluation: We then take these comprehensive findings and compare to Alltek Services Box of Best Practices, which includes a range of technologies to keep networks optimized and secure.
  • Discussion: After filling out the “Network and Security Review Template”, we meet with you to discuss potential areas of improvement. Most of these items are common sense security and configuration changes that can be changed at no cost. However, most of the time hardware, software, and peripheral items are recommended to move your network into our Box of Best Practices over time.

This process guarantees that new clients are set up properly and their network is at an ideal baseline of performance and security. The periodic reviews provide an excellent opportunity to discuss updated best practices (never forget, IT changes fast), technology consulting, discussion on your goals and vision for your business, and to strengthen the relationship and partnership over time.

Alltek Services Will Review Your Network To Make Sure It’s Efficient And Secure

You don’t have to deal with a slow or unsecured network – fixing it is just a matter of calling the Alltek Services team. We will review your network, confirm that it is in line with our Box of Best Practices, and make sure your organization is productive and secure.

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