Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions Provided By Alltek Services

Your passwords, however strong and complex they are, do not guarantee surefire protection of your networks. Companies are fast adopting multifactor authentication to boost their password protocols.

Securing the company’s systems from external threats is a primary concern for any executive today. Passwords were quite effective until hackers found how to bypass them. This informed the advent of MFA protocols.

Even today, executives are still skeptical about MFA’s heavy reliance on employees’ gadgets.

You want to use multi-factor authentication at the office, but don’t want your employees to use their cell phones for verification. Here are a couple of options to consider.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You Can Use The YubiKey

This is an easy-to-use security key that enables reliable two-factor, multifactor, and passwordless authentication. It uses a seamless touch-to-sign mechanism that does not require your users to have cellphones or constantly key in their passwords.

YubiKey simplifies the authentication process while at the same time boosting the strength of your security protocols.

Authentication is as easy as two simple steps:

  • Plugin your YubiKey into the desktop or laptop.
  • Tap/ Touch-to-sign, and the subsequent procedures are all automated.

This makes it easier to use and safer than most standard authenticator apps.

The YubiKey is compatible with a wide range of services — Salesforce, Dropbox, Gmail, Duo, and Facebook, among many others.

Depending on your needs, there are several YubiKey options available:

  • YubiKey 5 Series: Works with OpenPGP, FIDO U2F, smart cards, OTP (one-time-password), and FIDO2/WebAuthn. It’s popular for stopping account takeovers in laptops and desktops.
  • YubiKey 5Ci: It’s an improvement of the YubiKey 5 Series with a USB-C and Lightning connector for iOS devices.
  • Security Key Series: It integrates hardware-based authentication, U2F, and FIDO2/WebAuthn protocols, and public-key cryptography to prevent account takeovers.
  • Yubikey FIPS Series: Best suited for government and regulated organizations.

You Can Alternatively Use Token2 Multifactor Authentication Products & Services

This is a simple, hosted two-factor authentication platform designed to protect primarily web-based apps.

It focuses on four main products and services:

  • Classic Hardware Tokens: These are OATH compliant TOTP tokens. They are compatible with various systems that allow the sharing of secret modifications, like WordPress, Azure MFA server, and WebUntis. Every gadget is assigned a specific serial number to identify the hardware token.
  • Programmable Hardware Tokens: A “drop-in” substitute for OTP mobile apps. They also support authentication backends that require TOTP tokens.
  • TOTPRadius Virtual Appliance: This tool complements other Token2 products. It’s designed to operate in Hyper-V or VMWare hypervisors.
  • FIDO2 and U2F Security Keys: It allows your staff and customers to use a USB key sign in for authentication without entering a password. You can also deploy it as a second authentication factor.

The good thing about these two tools is that they give you hands-on control over the authentication processes. Your users must not be connected to a cell phone — this allows mobility and access from anywhere.

There are many other MFA options in the market today. You need the subject-matter expertise of an experienced managed IT service provider like Alltek to identify which tool will work best for you. We will help you deploy the right MFA software and monitor it to ensure optimum performance and reliability.