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You Need More Than a Backup

An external USB hard drive is not a “Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.” However, we see this all the time. And, in this case, if the server were hit with ransomware, all of the data would be lost.

You Need a Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution by StorageCraft incorporates an onsite NAS (Network Attached Storage) device that backs up incremental data from the server every hour.

Then, after hours, it replicates that data offsite to our hurricane category-5 rated data center cabinet.

This ensures that your data is safely stored in 3 locations:

  • On the Server
  • Onsite in the NAS
  • In our Data Center

In case of an outage, downed server, or other issue, we can use the image of the server to spin up your data in the Cloud for a swift recovery.

This is done through our “Ready Host,” which is one of the most powerful servers we have in the Cloud. Its only function is to act as a Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution for our clients.

We can quickly spin up a client server while we work on resolving any issue that may have affected the on-premise or other cloud-hosted server.

Why Did We Choose StorageCraft As Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution?

StorageCraft backs up and replicates your systems and data both locally or in the Cloud. This means that you can to restore everything from a single file.

Disaster recovery solutions from StorageCraft help you protect data and maintain network access. Your data will be safe, accessible and optimized at all times.

This is a true Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution and not just a replication of data. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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