Does Your Business Need Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office 365?

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Get Info On Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365

In July 2017, Microsoft launched a new subscription service that sounds remarkably like the one that’s already on the market: Microsoft Office 365. This new service is Microsoft 365, which includes all the base functionality of the Office 365 suite plus some additional functionality. If you’re not sure which one is right for your business, you’ll have to consider your licensing models for your operating systems, your productivity suites and even your security software. Here’s an overview of the two options so you can make an informed decision for your business.

Microsoft 365 v. Microsoft Office 365

Introduced at Microsoft’s premier event Inspire in 2017, Microsoft 365 brings together the best of Windows 10, advanced cybersecurity offerings and the Office productivity suite into a convenient monthly or annual subscription model. There are two main versions of Microsoft 365: for businesses of up to 300 users and for larger enterprises. The small business model includes a variety of turnkey security solutions, as well as the operating system and high-quality productivity software that you have come to expect from Microsoft. The Microsoft Office 365 suite includes subscription access to:

  • Word (word processing)
  • Excel (data analysis and budgeting)
  • OneNote (note taking and meeting organization)
  • PowerPoint (visual presentation software)
  • OneDrive (secure storage that’s ideal for collaboration)

Cloud v. On-Premise

While both Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are subscription services, they are available in your choice of on-premise or cloud-based applications. Many businesses are moving their key operations to the cloud, as this infrastructure configuration can add flexibility to your business. Today’s workers are highly mobile, preferring to work when and where they would like. You may find that utilizing a cloud-based subscription service allows your users to securely access the data and applications that they need regardless of their physical location.

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise?

Organizations are finding that today’s software landscape is increasingly complex. They may be juggling a variety of subscription or licensing models, causing confusion and a lack of insight into actual usage of the various platforms. Instead of purchasing operating system licenses or upgrades, obtaining separate cybersecurity suites and then also maintaining access to the Office 365 productivity suite, Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise consolidates everything a business needs to create a highly secure environment for staff members. Pulling together these three options allows for a variety of efficiencies:

  • Reduced administration in maintaining licenses and performing regular license audits
  • More efficient use of resources: no licenses sitting around when they’re not needed or assigned to individuals no longer with the organization
  • Comprehensive software suites are designed to work together seamlessly, reducing the need for expensive integrations
  • Microsoft 365 Business includes up to 1TB of storage, device management with Microsoft InTune, basic data and app security
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise comes in several configurations that include: data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, audio conferencing/phone system, advanced compliance tools and analytics tools

Working with your trusted IT managed services provider is the best way to determine which configuration will work best for your organization. There are also several in-between options for businesses and education.

Is Microsoft 365 Right for My Business?

New businesses that would like to quickly launch operations may find that Microsoft 365 is the ideal solution for their needs. You’ll gain access to key productivity tools as well as the cybersecurity that you need to protect your organization’s data and systems. Adding a robust backup and recovery process can provide an additional level of security and confidence that your data and systems will have high availability. Organizations that are rapidly scaling are also the ideal use-case for Microsoft 365. As your employee base grows and shifts, licenses and can be assigned and deployed with ease and minimal administration.

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