Do You Need A Go-Getter?

Ask For Chandler!

Alltek Employee Spotlight

Lakeland Computer TechChandler Holland started at Alltek as an intern from Florida Polytechnic University. It was clear from the start that Chandler is very bright and would be great with our clients. They rave about him! (See the testimonials below.)

Chandler is a “go-getter.” He’s currently a Senior at Florida Poly, has consistently taken five classes per semester while also working three or four days a week at Alltek.

On a personal note, he enjoys learning new software programs and playing competitive paintball!

Chandler is also working on a couple of interesting projects for us right now:

  • He’s developing software that can automatically troubleshoot and solve common computer issues that we see daily.
  • And he’s creating a portable Linux-based device that can assist technicians with onsite computer network troubleshooting!

Chandler is all set to graduate this Fall (2019), completing his undergraduate degree in only three years! (Congratulations Chandler! Good job!)

In high school, he went to both Summerlin Academy and Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School with a dual-enrollment. This helped him get a head start with his college-level classes. (See why we say that Chandler’s a go-getter?)

What Do Our Clients Say About Working With Chandler?

“Chandler was amazing! He got everything back up and working and saved us a lot of downtime and aggravation. I don’t know what we would have done without him. Thanks Chandler!!” – Michele LaVigne, Advanced Eyecare Associates

“I love the new set up where we can call and get immediate assistance. Everyone is always so very nice. I have dealt with Robert and Chandler the most, and they are both outstanding. I think I might have dealt with Matt(??) once or twice and feel sure that I received the same excellent service from him.” – Nadine Boswell, Jefferson Allsopp, Inc

“Chandler did a great job keeping this issue a priority for us!” – Lisa Boyd, Phosco Electric Supply

“This was the first time I had the pleasure of working with Chandler; he did you guys proud! So glad he’s on your team!” – Barbara Whetton, Strickland Construction

Lakeland Computer Support
What Names Do Our Clients Mistake For “Chandler?”

On a side note: People mistake Chandler’s name A LOT! He started keeping track of the names he gets called on a weekly basis. The fifth one down is the BEST!

1. Travis

2. Shaun

3. Sam

4. Trevor

5. Stud Muffin!

6. Cameron

7. Jim

8. Chad

9. Tanner

10. Timothy

11. Collin

What Makes Alltek Different?

People often ask what makes Alltek different? In the technology service business that’s getting more competitive every day, what makes us stand out?

The answer is easy… Our people. We’ve been very fortunate with the people who join our team. They truly care for our clients and work hard EVERY DAY to keep them happy.

As we grow, we’ve created a recruitment structure that ensures we continue finding high-performing employees, like Chandler.