Lower Print Costs And Higher Security: Your Business Needs Managed Print Services

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Small businesses can save big by using managed printer and copier services.

That’s because managed print services offer a way to lower your printing and copying costs while also increasing the security of your printer fleet. Let’s take a closer look at how managed print services can help your business.

What Are Managed Print Services And Why Do Businesses Need Them?

Managed print services are a way for businesses to outsource the management and maintenance of their printer and copier fleets. This includes everything from being responsible for buying new printers and supplies, to maintaining and servicing the printers themselves.

This can be a big help to small businesses that may not have the time or resources to manage their own printer and copier fleets. It can also lead to significant cost savings, which we’ll get to next.

How Can Managed Print Services Help Your Business Save Money And Improve Efficiency?

Managed print services providers can often get better deals on printers and supplies than businesses can on their own. They also have the expertise to keep printers running smoothly, which can lead to fewer printer breakdowns and less downtime.

Using a managed print service can save your business money by reducing the amount of paper it uses and by making sure printers are used efficiently.

But managed print services aren’t just about saving money. They can also help businesses improve the security of their printers and copiers. How? By making it harder for unauthorized users to access sensitive data that is printed out. This is because managed print services providers can put security measures in place, such as requiring authentication before a print job can be released. This can help to prevent data leaks and safeguard your business’s confidential information, which in turn saves money for your business – a data breach can be expensive!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Managed Print Service Provider?

There are a number of benefits of using managed print services. Some of these include:

Printer and Copier Placement

One of the advantages of managed print services is that the provider can help you to place your printers and copiers in the most efficient location. This can help to reduce the amount of time employees spend walking to and from printers, which can lead to increased productivity.

Managed Print Services

Identify And Replacement Of Inefficient Devices

Another benefit of managed print services is that the provider can help you to identify any inefficient devices that are using up too much power or ink. They can then replace these devices with more energy-efficient models, which can lead to further cost savings for your business.

Automate Supply Delivery

Managed print service providers can also help you to automate the delivery of printer and copier supplies, which can lead to fewer missed deliveries and less waste. They also help you to reduce your paper usage by implementing print-conserving measures such as duplex printing/copying and collating multiple pages into one sheet.

New Device Training

When you get new printers or copiers, it can be hard to know how to use all the features. This is where managed print services can help. As a provider, we can offer training to your employees on how to use the new devices, which can lead to increased productivity and fewer issues with using the wrong settings.

Predictable Print Cost

With managed print services, you can budget your printing and copying costs more accurately as part of your technology strategy. This is because you will know how much it will cost to maintain and service your printers, as well as the cost of printer supplies. Additionally,  managed print services can help you to negotiate better deals on your printer and copier fleet, which can lead to further cost savings.

Increase Print Security

As we mentioned earlier, managed print services can also help to improve the security of your printers. By implementing security measures such as authentication and encryption, managed print service providers can help to protect your business from data breaches and other security threats.

A data breach can cost a business thousands of dollars. Not only in fines or ransoms, but even more in lost revenue. A managed print service can help to prevent these costly breaches from happening, and keep your and your customer’s data completely secure.

Consolidated Devices And Vendors

Do you have a variety of different printer and copier brands and models in your office? This can make it hard to find replacement parts and supplies, as well as get someone who knows how to fix them when they break down.

With managed print services, you can consolidate your devices and vendors into one, which can save you time and money. We handle the vendors and devices, so you can focus on your business.

How Can You Be Sure That You’re Choosing The Right MPSP For Your Business Needs?

When looking for a managed print services provider, it’s important to make sure that they can offer you the services that you need.

Managed Print Services

Some questions that you should ask include:

  • What type of printers and copiers do you support?
  • Do you have experience with my type of business?
  • Can you provide me with case studies or references?
  • What type of support do you offer?
  • How often do you review my printing needs?
  • Can you help me to reduce my paper usage?
  • Can you help me to automate the delivery of printer and copier supplies?
  • Do you have a team of experts who can train my employees on how to use new printers and copiers?
  • What kind of security measures do you have in place to protect my printers?
  • Can you help me to consolidate my devices and vendors?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can be sure that you’re making the right decision for your business.

What Should You Expect From Your MPSP Partnership?

When you partner with a managed print services provider, you should expect to receive the benefits listed above with no hidden charges. The idea of managed print services is to allow you to focus on your business at hand, rather than the day-to-day printing and copying activities. 

A managed print services provider should also be able to work with you to create a customized plan that suits your business needs. This plan should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that you are getting the most out of your managed print services.

Are Managed Print Services Right For Your Business?

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your printing costs and improve your printer security, then managed print services may be the solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business!