Achieving Visibility, Flexibility, and Control With IBM MaaS360

Using IBM MaaS360 to Achieve Visibility, Flexibility, and Control

IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Mobility Management is a unified platform for managing employee and enterprise mobile devices and content. It integrates with your existing IT infrastructure to manage endpoints, end-users, and everything in between.

Over the past decade, the need to enable employees to be productive on-the-go has become critical to organizations’ success.

However, with the increasing complexity of device operating systems, it’s become more challenging to manage and monitor enterprise gadgets. Additionally, mobile devices’ definition has significantly changed — traditional PCs and laptops now have similar features as smartphones and tablets. This complexity brought through evolving technology equally introduces challenges in managing employee privacy, establishing data security, and defending your networks against threats.

This is where Alltek Services comes in. Our experts employ the latest technologies to manage your devices, including IBM’s open cloud-based MaaS360 platform. We use it combined with your security productivity tools, enabling your business to get immediate value. This is the best solution for identifying and mitigating potential threats. It also gives us real-time insight into your current and upcoming operating system releases.

Let’s just say it simplifies the support of complex mobile environments.

But that’s not all. The tool is easy to set up and use. Within minutes, we will be able to secure and manage your smartphones and tablets (both Android and IOS), along with Windows and Mac laptops.

Achieving Visibility, Flexibility, and Control With IBM MaaS360

Why IBM MaaS360?

  • We Can Distribute Software Updates Remotely to Your Devices: This enables us to avoid unnecessary hands-on interaction with your machines. Automation of these procedures saves you a lot of productive time.
  • It Is Highly Scalable: The IBM MaaS360 platform easily fits large and complex environments with secure plug-and-play integrations. For small and medium-sized businesses, you are covered by its simplistic and affordable offerings. Whether you want to scale your operations up or down, we can still apply it to meet your changing needs.

Due to this effortless scalability, MaaS360 has been placed best in class for cloud offerings among Gartner’s UEM vendors.

  • It Has Seamless Enrollment Options: These are options that allow for Android enterprises, Apple business manager, Windows Autopilot, or any other OS-agnostic manual enrollment.
  • It Grants Us Visibility Within a Single Pane of Glass: Visibility here provides details like device attributes, OS versions, encryption levels, and any other cognitive related to the environment. Information regarding best practices for security laws and policies, vulnerabilities, device passcodes, and upcoming OS releases and patches can also be easily accessed. All this data is fed to the MaaS360 Advisor, which integrates them to supply cognitive reports and relevant threat alerts.

We use these insights and recommendations from the MaaS360 Advisor to discover best practices for your user productivity and IT optimization. These are customized to focus on your industry, company size, and the construct of your mobile environment. This is based on types of devices, platforms, and apps used to manage your endpoints.

How Do We Use IBM MaaS360 To Help You Achieve Secure Optimum Collaboration And Customer Engagement?

We use IBM MAAS360 to integrate content, application, and device management with robust safety protocols to streamline how your users go mobile.

Therefore, we can easily monitor your network for risks and automate compliance to optimize security without jeopardizing the user experience.

Are you looking for an IT team that already employs the IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Mobility Management tool?

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