Donovan Tinsley, Principal at Tinsley Creative, begins the lunch with a question: “Who here does marketing at their business?”

Every hand in the room was raised confidently into the air.

“And who here believes that they do it well?”

The hands that were confidently thrust into the air now rest at their owner’s side.

Mark Jerkins, Vice President of Tinsley Creative, smiles and responds, “We have a room full of honesty today!”

This response is exactly why Alltek teamed up with Tinsley Creative to deliver an event that would provide education on a critical component of every business – Marketing and Public Relations. With over 15 years of experience in this very topic, we knew that we asked the right guys!

We had 24 local business owners and employees show up to this event held at the beautiful Lone Palm Golf Club. The aim of this Lunch and Learn was to make sure that every person in the room left with at least one marketing initiative that could help their business grow.

For those of you who could not attend, and those who did attend but would like a refresher, I wrote a summary of the topics covered. Hopefully you will find it useful!

  1. A quick distinction between Marketing and Public Relations: Public Relations is brand exposure that is NOT paid. The minute an article, award, or recognition is paid for, it is not Public Relations.
  2. The importance of video in your business!
  • 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be video
  • There are 900 million YouTube visits every month
  • Google rankings increase with video content
  • Ooyala research shows that video plays have grown 844% since 2012
  1. Defining our brand: This cannot be communicated enough. It is so important to define what your brand should represent and how it will be communicated. A haphazard approach to communicating your business will always lead to failure!
  2. Brand Consistency: Once your brand is defined, it is crucial to keep your message consistent. This is vital in both visual marketing material, and the message that is being delivered. One post that goes against your brand identity can be detrimental to your overall message. This is why it is so important that there is someone monitoring each post and campaign for your business.
  3. Be your own brand ambassador: It is said that the CEO is the best salesman in an organization. Be your own brand ambassador! Promote the amazing business you run or work for every chance that you get. One example: People have business cards printed constantly. Can you remember last time you gave one out?
  4. Quick tip: In 2015, mobile Google searches overtook desktop searches.

Overall, this Lunch and Learn was an excellent way to get educated about trends in Marketing and Public Relations. The participants were engaged, and we are confident in the value we can deliver with our future events.

If you do not have a full time marketing person, now is the time to make the investment. How do you know who to trust? My suggestion is to go with the professionals.

Reach out to Tinsley Creative at (863) 583-0081 or and start implementing an effective marketing strategy today!

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