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Alltek’ Marketing Manager Selected for Leadership Lakeland – Why Is Leadership Important In IT?

Our very own Taher Hisham Hamid has been named to the 36th class of Leadership Lakeland – but what does leadership mean when it comes to IT services and support?

The Alltek team is proud to announce that our Marketing Manager, Taher Hisham Hamid, has been selected for Leadership Lakeland’s 36th class. As one of 30 local members of the business community selected for the year-long program, Taher will take part in programming intended to pinpoint key leadership and further cultivate areas of community interest.

“This year’s class is comprised of a diverse group of leaders, from those leading both large and small industry to those serving members of our community in need,” said Leadership Lakeland Chair, Michelle Ledford, to The Tampa Bay Business Journal.  “We are focused on providing an experience where these class members will be immersed in our city and exchange ideas regarding our resources and opportunities.”

Over the course of the year, Taher and the other members will attend a range of meetings, receptions, retreats, and a final graduation, all of which will contribute to their development as leaders in their many areas of business.

“Based on the actions from previous graduates of the program, we know this class will also finish their year more informed and ready to champion topics that will make Lakeland even better,” added Ledford.

What Does Leadership Lakeland Offer Members?

Key Insight
No matter what point a company may be at – a few months after start-up, or years into growth – one thing stays the same: the challenges are always new, and always difficult to overcome. Leadership development groups like this allow members to learn from one another, sharing key insights to assistant each other in overcoming business obstacles.

Peers are a great tool to help leaders in a community stay focused on the goals they set, no matter what they may be.

By laying out their goals at one of the Leadership Lakeland meetings and following up on them with the members at the next one, they’ll clearly be more motivated to actually see them through.

Direct Support
This one is simple, but it’s a big part of what makes groups like this so effective. They simply provide a sounding board for their members to discuss what they’re working on at the time.

One of the primary benefits of any sort of business world peer groups is how effective it can be to chat with s someone who also practices leadership in a similar field or community. You can connect over a recent, unpopular development that you have a shared interest in, for example. That small moment of camaraderie can do wonders for your outlook.

Who Is In 36th Class of  Leadership Lakeland?

With Chuck McDanal (Class XXXI, Kindelan McDanal & Associates) serving as chairman-elect, the Leadership Lakeland Class XXXVI is made up of:

  • Taher Hisham Hamid, marketing manager, Alltek.
  • Steven G. Achinger, MD, FASN, managing partner/chairman of the board, Watson Clinic LLP.
  • Randolph Barber, vice president of industrial maintenance and purchasing, Publix Super Markets Inc.
  • Leon Battle, executive director of child hunger and family support services, One More Child/Florida Baptist Children’s Homes.
  • Sarah Bhagat, COO LRHMC and vice president of organizational effectiveness, Lakeland Regional Health.
  • William B. Bracken Jr., attorney, Bracken & Bergwall, P.A.
  • Amanda Frankel Brice, clinical manager/marketing director, Agnini Family Dental.
  • Michael Paul Carey, manager, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP.
  • Tom Collins, senior director of marketing, Saddle Creek Logistics Services.
  • Erin Ferguson, marketing specialist II, MidFlorida Credit Union.
  • Ana Vargas Gillespie, owner, Lakeland Escape Room.
  • Kaitlin Irmscher, administration manager, Chastain-Skillman.
  • Ellen J. Katzman, executive director, PACE Center for Girls.
  • Rebecca Knowles, director of communications and community partnerships, All Saints Academy.
  • Thomas C. Lloyd, vice president/private banking officer, Bank of Central Florida.
  • John S. Lowman IV, credit manager, Avon Leasing Inc.
  • Sara Roberts McCarley, founder/chairman, Randy Roberts Foundation.
  • Douglas W. McPherson, vice president, private banker, Citizens Bank & Trust.
  • Ashley Metts Miller, community engagement director, VISTE.
  • Holly Parrish, owner, PH Solutions LLC.
  • Teddra Joy Porteous, associate superintendent of human resources, Polk County Public Schools.
  • Eric Powell, financial adviser, RightPlan Financial.
  • Brenda Patricia Ramirez, attorney, Kaylor Law Group.
  • Brenda C. Reddout, executive director, Talbot House Ministries.
  • Douglas Edward Riley, fire chief, Lakeland Fire Department.
  • Parminder Sahota, vice president of sales, Boring Business Systems.
  • Bethany Tricia Thomas, vice president for student development, Southeastern University.
  • Amanda Walls, senior attorney, Peterson & Myers, P.A.
  • Jason Williams, loan officer, Farm Credit of Central Florida.
  • Lori A. Winstead, director of county court, assistant state attorney, State Attorney’s Office.

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