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During a huge lightning storm that occurred near the end of July in Lakeland, one of our roofing company clients was greatly affected when this summer storm knocked out their IT systems, leaving one of their network switches out of commission after a power surge caused by a nearby lightning strike. As a roofing company, they’re always in big demand when severe weather strikes and it’s critical that their technology is always up and running during a storm.

When our team of Lakeland IT professionals received the call, we arrived on-site and were ready to diagnose the problem within an hour. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything major.  Luckily for our roofing company client, it was only a network switch that needed to be replaced.  However, if called upon, our client invested in the Alltek Services business continuity solutions. This solution protects businesses when disaster strikes and fully protects one of their most valuable assets, their data.  The Alltek Services business-continuity strategy includes multiple layers of redundancy for comprehensive onsite, as well as off-site data protection.

After we diagnosed the problem, the roofing company was up and running again before the start of business the next day!

About Your Lakeland IT Services Team at Alltek Services

Alltek Services, founded in 2003, was built on the idea of utilizing technology to help small-to-medium sized businesses manage, protect, and grow their operations and client base. We support our client networks in order to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity during a disaster.

At Alltek Services, we put our Polk County and Florida business clients first. We provide them with the right information, experience and service they need to achieve all of their business goals and efficiently, and continually serve their customers.

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