Alltek Helps Lakeland Volkswagen Take Full Advantage of Fast Fiber Optic Internet

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Lakeland Volkswagen Takes Full Advantage of Fast Fiber Optic Internet

Nowadays, the network infrastructure, configuration, and overall design you depend on is crucial to the success of your business. Why? Because businesses rely on their internet connection to help them communicate with customers, complete important projects, and overall, stay relevant in the marketplace. Fiber optic internet is becoming more popular than ever before as more and more businesses realize how quickly data can be transferred via fiber optic cables. But before fiber optic internet can be utilized, it’s vital to have the right equipment installed – from routers to switches to firewalls and everything in between – to ensure a smooth transition that enables you to truly take advantage of fast fiber optic internet.

Lakeland Volkswagen: A State-of-the-Art Dealership with a Customer-Focused Approach to Service…

Lakeland Volkswagen knows all about ensuring they have the best internet connection in place to ensure a high level of customer service. They’re a state-of-the-art dealership that provides their customers with vehicle options to suit every taste and style. They have a customer-focused approach to service that includes internet work stations, a gourmet coffee bar, a children’s play area, complimentary car washes, and much more. In their endeavor to be customer-focused at all times, a fiber optic connection was crucial, but first, they needed to refresh their network infrastructure.

Lakeland Volkswagen Trusts Alltek to Refresh Their Network Infrastructure…

Network infrastructure is the backbone of any given company’s internet connection. Lakeland Volkswagen was looking to take advantage of fast fiber optic internet for their office. Our team made sure they were able to make the most of the fast fiber optic internet they desired with a complete network infrastructure refresh – updating the following to significantly increase the speed of the network:

  1. Access points
  2. Switches
  3. Firewalls
  4. Cleaning up network closet
  5. Mapping cables and removing unnecessary networking equipment and cables

Lakeland Volkswagen is dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for their customers. This refreshed, fiber optic internet allows them to ensure their customers can browse at fast speeds while waiting for their cars to be worked on, but also gives their employees the ability to meet customer needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition to ensuring they’re able to make the most of a fiber optic internet connection, we also procured and setup an advanced security camera system to help them increase safety for their customers and staff members.

Looking for a New Vehicle? Contact Lakeland Volkswagen. Looking for a Florida IT Services Company That Goes Above and Beyond for Their Clients? Contact Alltek.

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