Why do Polk County FL Attorneys Prefer the IT Support Services of Alltek?

by | May 12, 2018 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

We often get the question, “How long have you been in business?”

Although we’re glad to answer questions about our company’s history, we believe that it’s the wrong question.

What’s the right question?

We’re glad you asked!

The right question is, “How long have your clients been with you?”

After all, you wouldn’t recommend an attorney whose clients were constantly bailing like rats off a sinking ship, would you?

Of course not!

IT services is no different.

And while we’re happy to talk about the clients that have stuck with us over the years, the BIG SUCCESSES in our minds are the clients that have left, discovered that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, and come back to Alltek.

For example.

James Weaver is a great guy. He has a practice in Lake Whales. He’s been a client of ours for many years.

But that’s not the whole story.

A few years back, James came across an offer from one of our competitors. Because the company – and their “specialized law firm IT support” offering – was endorsed by the local bar association, James made the choice to move his IT support business from Alltek to our competitor.

Over the course of the next few years, James and the staff at his firm had ups and downs with their new choice of IT support provider.

The final straw surrounded the issue of productivity.

Their new IT guys weren’t keeping things running in a way that maximized the firm’s potential for efficiency, and it was beginning to impact their internal work flow negatively.

That’s when James decided to make a phone call.

He picked up the phone, dialed the Alltek team, and asked if we’d take him back as a client.

Well, James is such a nice fellow, and we wanted to see his firm get on a better IT support footing, so we gladly brought him on as a client…again.

Today, several months later, we have brought the firm’s IT in alignment with best practices and ensured that their cybersecurity posture meets the high standard expected of the legal profession.

What Do Alltek IT Services Do to Help Law Firms in Polk County?

Unfortunately, James and his firm learned the hard way that just because a company says, “We support law firm IT,” doesn’t mean they are good at doing so.

To effectively deliver a robust, secure IT foundation for a busy law firm you have to know:

  • The industry-specific applications used by attorneys.
  • Mobile device management to enable lawyers to access applications and files on the go.
  • IT security to ensure that client data and firm information don’t become compromised.
  • IT support strategy combined with a service level agreement that guarantees fast response times and near-zero downtime.

But knowing IT support and even the unique aspects of legal industry technology isn’t enough.

An IT support team is only as good as it’s ability to work well with people.

If the IT consultants that currently care for your technology aren’t patient enough to listen to your staff as they describe a problem they’ve been having with their computers, they probably aren’t the right fit for you.

If the computer repair people that you have employed, can’t seem to see the connection between the data backups that they’re supposed to be monitoring and the cases/lives that data represents, they’re likely not the people that should be caring for legal IT.

And if the technicians that serve your employees can’t be bothered with being responsive and choose not to keep your employees “in the loop” on help desk tickets the employees have submitted, then they’re not the right people to provide your firm with IT support.

A law firm is not in the technology business; you are in the “helping people with legal issues” business. As a result, you expect your IT support team to be more concerned with helping your staff solve workflow problems with technology than they are with the technology itself.

It’s all about perspective.

An IT support team that says they support law offices should offer the services that drive efficiency and support in/out of the office workflow synchronization.

A busy law firm requires robust, high-level IT strategies and solutions that undergird the processes of the firm and keep an eye on the horizon for technologies that will automate functions or integrate applications for even greater efficiency and productivity.

By leveraging the skill set of the Alltek team, a firm is able to USE their technology without WORRYING about it and WORKING on it. The Alltek technicians understand that any downtime is unacceptable for your firm, and we will work diligently in the background to ensure that your technology doesn’t let you down.

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