Do You Have a Happy Long-Term Business Relationship With Your IT Support Company?

by | May 22, 2018 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

In a recent interview, Nicole Bradham, Business Systems Analyst for MicroPath Laboratories, Inc., said: “that dependability is something that is priceless.”

Nicole was talking about the relationship that MicroPath has with their IT support company, Alltek.

What Is MicroPath Laboratories, Inc., And What Do They Do?

MicroPath Laboratories, Inc. is a pathology lab, staffed with board-certified doctors, that serves Florida hospitals and clinics from Lakeland all the way to Winter Haven. They have been delivering superior pathology services for more than forty-five years and have built an outstanding reputation here in Florida.

For the past twenty years, Alltek has been the IT support partner that MicroPath Laboratories, Inc. has turned to for IT services that provide a foundation for their daily work processes.

How Does Alltek Help Healthcare Businesses Like MicroPath Laboratories Inc.?

For the past two decades, the Alltek team has delivered the services, help desk, and IT consulting that the MicroPath staff has needed to accomplish their day-to-day tasks.

But this past year has been especially exciting for the relationship between MicroPath and Alltek.

This was the year that MicroPath leadership decided to move to a new lab information system, and the Alltek staff has been more than happy to be a help in that process. The switch from the old lab information system to the new system had several critical hurdles that had to be overcome for the implementation to be a success.

  • New Equipment – Alltek was tasked with the job of finding the upgraded equipment and server needed to run the new lab information system.
  • Vendor Management – Alltek worked with the lab information system provider and the vendors for the new equipment to ensure that pricing, features, shipping, and specifications were correct.
  • Business Telephones – Part of the switch to a new lab information system was a change in the communications systems that MicroPath was using. In consultation with the IT advisors of Alltek, MicroPath decided to move to an Internet-based VOIP telephone system. VOIP systems give a business like MicroPath all of the features they had been enjoying with their old landline system in addition to new features and near-zero long distance rates in North America. This switch saved money and enhanced their communications capability.
  • Email Systems Management and Security – Setting up a branded email address for each staff member allowed MicroPath to have a more professional email presence. Along with that professional email presence, Alltek staff ensured that MicroPath had the latest in email security protocols to keep their email communications private and compliant with HIPAA legislation.
  • Office 365 Migration, Implementation, and Support – Part of the technology overhaul that MicroPath chose to do this past year was a move to Microsoft Office 365. The Alltek team made the MicroPath switch from their old office productivity software to Microsoft Office 365 a seamless process and is there to help the MicroPath staff with any help desk issues that may arise.

Is Your Healthcare-Related Business Here in Florida Ready To Move Into The Future?

“They helped us take the next step.”         

That’s what MicroPath’s Nicole Bradham said about Alltek’s assistance in their move to a more modern lab information system.

But that’s not all.

What else did Nicole say?

Check out her video interview by clicking HERE.

Nicole was very clear in her praise of the Alltek team. She said that Rick, Tim, Tom, Sam, and the other staff members of Alltek were likeable, easy to reach when needed, and great to work with. She stated that we were approachable and that we are always glad to answer her questions, and we are!

What Makes Alltek The Team That Micropath Trusts?

  • Track Record – We’ve been caring for their productivity technology for over twenty years now!
  • Dependability – We show up when we say we will, and we keep their computers, servers, mobile units, and cloud assets working for them.
  • The Personal Touch – We ensure that MicroPath knows the technicians that are working on their systems and that they feel comfortable with our people and confident in our service delivery.
  • Problems Solved – We don’t wait to be notified that there is an issue before jumping to fix the problem. Alltek continuously monitors the operational and security functions of the MicroPath IT environment. By responding to monitoring alerts, we fix issues often before MicroPath employees know there is a problem.

What Other Services Does Alltek Offer Florida Healthcare Businesses?

These services are just the beginning of the ways that Alltek can help a Lakeland, FL healthcare business become more efficient, secure, compliant, and productive.

Do you have a healthcare business and have questions for the Alltek team? We’d be happy to talk with you. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

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