How Can You Improve The Performance Of Your Insurance Company In Lakeland Florida? (Questions/Answers)

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

When Headley Insurance Agency needs an IT services company, which one do they choose? – Alltek.  Why?  Because as Mr. Headley said after Alltek came out, their “computers performed better than before!”

Looking For The Right IT Company In Hillsborough or Polk County That Will Improve Your Performance?

Here’s their story…

The team at Headley Insurance has been serving individuals and businesses in Lakeland, FL for many years. They believe in being a well-rounded agency.  Not only do they stay current on the ever-changing trends of insurance but they also make sure that they understand the unique insurance opportunities that present themselves in Florida. These efforts help them give their clients the best possible products and services for the right prices.

Headley Insurance was having computer issues that slowed down their performance. They interviewed multiple IT companies.  Mr. Headley and his staff searched on Facebook and found over 10 IT companies in the Lakeland area. And even though they had a variety of options, they chose Alltek.

Taher Hamid of Alltek tells us more:

“Mr. Headley liked that we didn’t speak badly about our competition and that we actually spoke positively about many of them.

“Don’t bad mouth your competition!”

When we met, he saw my wacky socks and commented that he, too, enjoys weird socks. We got to talking about Superman Socks with a cape on the back. This sounded pretty awesome, so I bought some for Mr. Headley as his Welcome to the Alltek Family gift!

“After their first week with Alltek, Mr. Headley said that his computer had never performed better.  He was so pleased with our services.”

What Type Of IT Service & Support Does Your Insurance Company Require For Increased Performance?

You work hard for your clients, and you need the same from your IT services company. The success of your efforts depends on this.  Why? – Because today, technology is basic to what you do.

You must be at the ready in peak times or when hurricanes and tropical storms hit. And you need to know that your computers and network will be running efficiently so you can also hit the ground running … just like Superman!

Super IT Services

It’s important that you work with an IT company that has experience with insurance businesses in Florida. One who understands how you use technology and knows that it must be up and running no matter what occurs. And, one that will be there 24/7 even when the storms hit!

But there’s more…

You need a technology solutions and services company that will provide cost-effective, secure, and reliable technology that’s customized to meet your unique needs.

Look for a company that will work to:

  • Reduce your overall IT costs.
  • Come through with services and solutions that result in fewer IT failures and downtime, so your overall performance improves.
  • Provide access to the latest IT solutions without you taking on expensive equipment and software licenses.
  • Prevent costly IT surprises.
  • Catch IT problems before they result in downtime.
  • Employ technical engineers who are trained in the latest IT solutions.
  • Stop the risk of your staff leaving with clients’ confidential data.
  • Provide 24/7 remote service and support wherever you are.
  • Ensure you meet compliance demands for insurance and financial industry regulations.
  • Protect the security of your data and IT infrastructure with ongoing vulnerability and risk assessments.

Why Do Insurance Companies In Polk and Hillsborough Counties Choose Alltek For The Performance They Need?

Because we provide everything we just listed above.  Plus, our clients know that we understand the technical complexities that they (and you) deal with every day, like:

  • Protecting your clients’ confidential information with a multi-layered, defense-in-depth protection.
  • Backing up your data in both an onsite and secure cloud-based offsite solution, so you always have access to it.
  • Resolving issues quickly with 24/7 remote monitoring.
  • Testing to ensure all your systems are up-to-date.
  • Patching software as soon as patches are released by the developers.
  • Providing 24/7 support from wherever you are.
  • Strategic technology planning and reviews to talk about what’s working and what’s not.
  • Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and Software-as-a-Service solutions to help you save money while using the latest technologies.
  • Access to the most current Microsoft productivity tools like Office 365.
  • Cloud computing that increases productivity with secure anytime, anywhere access to IT solutions.
  • Hosted PBX and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone Service that provides the ability to make and receive phone calls over the Internet, even when phone lines and power are down from Florida storms.
  • Virtualization Technologies so you can maximize your IT resources. When you virtualize your network, you can streamline and simplify your business operations, and increase IT efficiencies.

Taking care of your technology involves more than just fixing computer problems. To meet your insurance company’s IT needs means understanding your business objectives and how you use technology to achieve them.

You need an IT Services Company like Alltek in Lakeland that specializes in meeting the unique requirements of insurance companies in Florida. For more information contact us. We’ll be here for you rain or shine.

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