Polk County Law Firm Looks to Alltek to Move from a Problematic 100% Cloud Approach to a Successful Hybrid Cloud Environment!

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Case Study

When this law firm was looking to move from a problematic 100% cloud approach to a successful hybrid cloud environment, Alltek was the right IT support company for the job!

This law firm had unique technology needs and challenges – from ensuring remote access to decreasing costly disruptions and downtime, it was fundamental for them to work with an experienced team of IT experts who could keep their technology up and running while ensuring accessibility for remote employees.

The Situation: A Lack of Expertise & Equipment Necessary for a Reliable & Secure Hybrid Cloud Environment

When this firm was looking to leverage the cloud for any time, anywhere file sharing and application usage, they experienced significant issues trying to synchronize files in the cloud using Google Docs. As a result, their employees weren’t able to access the same files, and some files were even lost. And as the firm has offices in several locations, it’s absolutely critical for their employees to have remote access to applications and files.

The firm went through several supposed IT experts but were unable to find someone who could provide them with what they needed. They were relying on a virtual workspace and other cloud-based resources for their remote employees, which meant they needed a high level of IT support.

The Resolution: A Successful Hybrid Cloud Environment Using a Microsoft Essential Server for File Sharing, Local Security, Local Management, and Remote Access to Local Resources

Alltek moved them away from Google Docs for file sharing, then set up a Microsoft Essential Server for file sharing, local security, local management, and remote access to local resources. This enabled them to leverage secure and reliable file sharing for both local and remote users.

This law firm now benefits from a hybrid cloud environment, as opposed to a 100% cloud approach, in the following ways:

  • Optimized costs: The hybrid cloud can be configured according to business processes using private and public clouds, therefore greatly reducing operational expenditure as a result of scalable solutions.
  • Enhanced security: While the public cloud puts data integrity and security at risk, and the private cloud is fairly costly to leverage, the hybrid cloud environment offers extra security in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Increased flexibility: The hybrid cloud environment offers increased flexibility in terms of business operations. When a business function doesn’t process confidential data, the public cloud can be used. When a business function does process confidential data, the private cloud can be used.

Plus, the hybrid cloud environment enables them to introduce new functionality quickly and more easily than using a 100% cloud approach. About their experience working with Alltek, the firm had this to say – “They’ve been very professional and they obviously know what they’re doing. They’re always there and available for us if we need IT support. They’ve been great!”

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