How the Right Healthcare IT Services Can Save You From a Compliance Audit Disaster

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

In today’s IT-intensive healthcare environment, even the smallest issue in a mission-critical system can pull you away from your primary focus, which is fulfilling your promise to your patients and clients. Having the right healthcare IT services in place via the right IT company saves you from potential disaster on multiple fronts.

Maintaining uptime is the heart of any healthcare disaster prevention plan. Whether your organization suffers an external incident or an internal crisis, your cloud infrastructure must be configured to ensure continuity and keep healthcare data accessible while maintaining other personal information like insurance or identification data private.

Accordingly, our healthcare IT support platform and services guarantee:

  • Mission-critical applications run reliably and smoothly.
  • Improved performance of EHR/EMR systems.
  • Decreased exposure to HIPAA violations and penalties.
  • The inclusion of backup and disaster recovery planning services so your patient records are safe and retrieval is timely.
  • Prompt Help Desk support for staff and clinical systems.
  • Reliable backup and recovery replication.
  • On-time and on-budget server and computer upgrades for EMR and practice management.
  • EMR and PM support for cloud and on-site software.

Our medical IT services best practices also cover dentists and oral surgeons, vision care practices, and their particular security and data protection requirements.

It’s Not Just About Compliance

Our healthcare network security goes beyond protecting sensitive personal information and compliance issues, to ensuring the availability of critical medical data that can mean the difference between life or death.

Think of someone who suffers an accident or heart attack while traveling and becomes unresponsive. The accessibility of their medical history could help hospital staff save their life. While that may seem like an extreme example, a power outage can have disastrous effects on all patient care. A lack of test results or allergy information, patient identity mix-ups or conflicting medications, can all have deadly consequences.

There is also the increasing threat to healthcare IT networks known as medjacking, as an additional catalyst in ramping up the IT support for healthcare organizations. As the Internet of Things increases and more medical devices connect to it, clinics, hospitals, and medical offices become more vulnerable to a cyber attack or “medical hijacking” of devices that record and transmit patient data.

Which all means that while high performance is mandatory for all healthcare cloud systems, disaster preparedness is just as – if not more – critical. Meeting HIPAA compliance standards and FDA regulations are only one aspect of cloud security for healthcare providers.  Critical systems must be kept running and available even (or especially) in the event of a large-scale failure. 

Isn’t It Time to Get the Healthcare IT Coverage You Need?

Our healthcare IT services in Tampa will greatly aid your organization, clinic, or facility meet HIPAA compliance regulations, avoid medjacking exploits, and deliver functional disaster recovery and continuity plans. Call us now at 863.709.0709 or email us at {email} to get started optimizing your healthcare IT network right away!