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In Need Of Qualified And Experienced IT Support For Your Government Organization?

There is a big difference between offering to support a wide range of industries and actually being able to provide support for a wide range of industries. That difference is experience, expertise, and certifications – all of which Alltek Services has under our belt. The government industry presents its own unique set of challenges and comes with its own specific set of demands, all of which requires specific IT support solutions.

Alltek Services Brings Our Customized IT Support Solutions To Government Clients in Polk and Hillsborough Counties

In addition to our line of cost-efficient and customizable IT support solutions, Alltek Services is proud to be a Certified GSA Contract Holder.

Our years spent working with a long list of government clients have helped us to craft IT support services that will meet the needs of this highly specialized industry, from education to municipal. We’re proud to offer technology solutions that include:

  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring to detect and resolve IT issues immediately to keep them from disrupting your workday.
  • Managed state-of-the-art security to protect your IT systems from viruses, malware, data theft, and other malicious attacks.
  • Business continuity planning to ensure your data and systems are securely backed up onsite and offsite to guarantee recovery in the event of a disaster.
  • Round-the-clock support staff who are always available to answer your IT-related questions and help you and your staff get the best use of your technology.

Learn more about our full range of IT Support Services for government entities in Polk County and Hillsborough County, Florida, by scheduling a complimentary no-obligation assessment of your IT: call us at (863) 709-0709 or send an email to

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