How Does Geo-Filtering Prevent Cyberattacks From Suspect Countries?
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What Is Geo-Filtering?

Geo-Filtering is an effective way to stop cybercriminals from attacking your IT system. It blocks network connections based on geographic locations and can block web traffic from entire countries.

Why Do You Need Geo-Filtering?

It provides another layer of security by blocking traffic from suspect countries and reducing the likelihood of an attack.

Cybercrime is a threat with a worldwide reach. Your organization can be attacked by hackers from all over the world.

Some areas of concern are countries like China, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan and Brazil. Unless you work with companies in these countries, it makes sense to cut off access to your computers and networks from these or other suspect locations.

Ask About Geo-Filtering From Alltek Services

The majority of the clients we support are small to medium-sized businesses that have clients primarily locally or throughout the United States. We review their need for correspondence outside of the US and then create a Geo-Filter that blocks traffic from countries that have a high incidence of malicious cybersecurity threats.

Geo-Filtering should be considered as just one tool in your cybersecurity arsenal. It’s used in conjunction with other technologies and methods. It won’t stop everything, but when applied correctly, Geo-Filtering can prevent bad-actors from entering your network.

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