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Making FTC Compliance Easy.

Dealerships have to deal with staff, inventory, sales, and of course… regulatory pressure. It can seem overwhelming and expensive which is why many avoid the topic.

If you look at the list of FTC Safeguards that dealerships must abide by, it seems impossible to achieve. However, if you were the one building a house and looking at the drawings, you would feel the same way.

It’s not your job to build the house, but you do have to be part of the planning process. FTC Compliance for your dealership is the same.


Our Roadmap

Alltek Services and Ease Guard make compliance, Cybersecurity, and ongoing technology advising and unlimited support easy and cost effective.

Standardization of Tools

This involves selecting appropriate security tools, then utilizing them uniformly throughout your organization. It’s not only about choosing the right tools, but also about deploying them effectively and ensuring that all staff understands them.

Stabilization of Security

This step ensures that security practices are implemented and maintained consistently over time. This involves regular monitoring, reviews, and making adjustments as needed. Similarly to your tools, your security practices need to be consistent.

Building a Security Culture

This final step may be the most important: continuous employee education about cybersecurity to foster a culture where data protection is a priority for everyone, from top management down to the newest recruits.

Any dealership can exceed the FTC requirements by working through this process with us.

Complete Coverage

Services We Provide for FTC Compliance

M365 Business Premium License

VPN and Remote Access Management

M365 Backup

Managed Patches and Updates

Unlimited Remote Support (7am-6pm)

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Defender for Endpoint Protection

Advanced Spam Filtering

Dark Web Monitoring

Managed Detection and Response

Email Link Protection

Advanced Content Filtering

Hardware and Software Audits

M365 Multi-Factor Authentication

Annual Network and Compliance Reviews


$ 120

per user

$ 150

for managed servers

*Some price credits are available for dealerships in specific regions.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

This case study reviews the exact process we went through with a local dealership to put them in the best possible position to pass FTC requirements with flying colors.

Download our Lakeland Volkswagen case study for full coverage of how we helped them.

Don't be the dealership that puts FTC Compliance out of sight, out of mind.

Audits are increasing and attacks are on the rise. This investment will eliminate fines, but it will also save tens to hundreds to thousands of dollars by helping you avoid breaches. What better way to keep your reputation and profits intact?

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