Four Amazing Tips on Using iPhones and iPads in Your Business

by | May 1, 2019 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Ipad in Business

Coordinating interactions between office staff and remote workers can be challenging. One way you can cut through a lot of the confusion that arises when trying to keep everything in sync is by leveraging your worker’s iPad and iPhone devices. It is a way of using something that is already in their arsenal at a minimal cost to your business.

There will not be a focus on any specific device versions, mainly because it may already be yesterday’s news by the time this article reaches your eyes. You can execute these suggestions successfully even if you have some employees who still cling to their iPhone 7 or iPad Air 2. One thing Apple has always offered powerful devices capable of being used in a variety of ways for business. If they are well-maintained and functional, you can implement the ideas that best suit your work culture.

1. Synchronize Accounting

Having a reliable means of tracking financial transactions related to business functions is a crucial component of any enterprise. The App Store provides access to a variety of accounting apps that can be synced to your company software to send invoices and track payments from suppliers and vendors. All workers can see the changes in real-time and keep all ledgers in sync.

The apps also have features allowing management of multiple business accounts and any related transactions between them all. Some provide reports with visuals giving you a quick overview of your current liabilities, and where the company may be making heavier-than-needed expenditures. Workers are not bound to their laptops when it comes time to issue an invoice or product documents needed for tax purposes.

2. Maintain Documents and Scheduling

Your employees can create memos or document the details of a significant business transaction using a variety of document creation tools. Their iPad or iPhone can be synced with popular Microsoft Office applications like Excel or any of your favorite G-Suite tools.

Workers would only need to log into a OneDrive business account to open a Word document created earlier on a MacBook or add the settings of the company’s business Google account to their device.

Their iPad or iPhone can also be coordinated with a calendar to send notifications about upcoming events. Imagine having all your staff show up on time to a meeting or continuously meeting project deadlines despite being in different locations.

3. Create On-The-Go Presentations

An iPad can be used to create a visual presentation showcase anywhere outside of the office. Apps like Keynote let workers share ideas with you and other executives in a creative and organized fashion. Their iPhone can also be transformed into a hand-held digital brochure to show off at conventions and other business events.

Instead of lugging around a ton of paper brochures that can easily be lost, staff can show off a digital version to a business contact that can be forwarded as they collect their information for follow-up. Other iOS apps like CamCard can be used to keep up with all the names and emails of potential future clients at trade shows and expos.

4. Stay Connected and Engaged

Are you concerned that your remote workers might be feeling a little disconnected from the office staff? There are iOS apps available for platforms like Trello and Slack that make communication and project coordination a smoother process.

The apps provide you with the same functionality that peers in the office have on their laptop or desktop. That means you can easily synchronize workflows and maintain communication about upcoming deadlines for tasks related to various projects. Their iPad or iPhone devices become conduits for hosting online video chats with co-workers.

Recommended Support Tools

You may decide that investing in iPhone or iPad devices for your workers would be a sound investment. We suggest investing in the following tools to effectively leverage them for your company.

  1. Stylus — Look for devices like the Apple Pencil that enhances note-taking ability during online meetings. Workers can add comments to PDFs, create charts and graphs, and more.
  2. Keyboard — Investing in a sound keyboard gives employees more comfort when they need to do a lot of typing.
  3. Case — Many cases can protect devices from accidental damage and let workers adjust them to a more comfortable angle for heavy keying.

Do your research into apps and other support devices that will enhance iPhone and iPad business usage. We think you’ll be happy at your decision to turn them into one of your company’s most potent occupational tools.