A Closer Look At Explorations V Children’s Museum

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Explorations V Children’s Museum

Explorations V Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization here in Lakeland that develops interactive, educational programs and exhibits for children and youth. They have been a core part of the Lakeland community for 27 years, and the Alltek team is proud to be their IT partner.

Recently, Alltek’s Taher Hamid sat down with Senior Director Eddie Kleisser to talk about Explorations V, what they do, and what their future looks like. Click PLAY below to check out the full interview.

What Is Explorations V Children’s Museum All About?

When getting to know Explorations V Children’s Museum, a good place to start is their name. Why the “v”?

“That roman numeral in our name, V, is representative of the five senses that humans have,” says Eddie. “When we have children and parents come into the museum, we want them to experience exhibits with all their senses if we can possibly do that.”

This is indicative of the interactive, holistic approach that Explorations V Children’s Museum takes to children’s education. They understand that effective learning doesn’t always happen when the child is sitting still and expected to absorb information. They have to be a part of the process – and that process should be fun.

“We strongly feel that play is extremely important for children – it’s different than school,” says Eddie. “We’re all about educating the child, but we’re doing it through play. It’s so important that it’s unstructured, where the child can make decisions, they can fail at something, but then try it again. We follow this mantra where children need to use their brains at this young age, not just go to an exhibit and push a button, but really interact with something.”

In this interactive and engaging setting, Explorations V Children’s Museum offers a range of different programming. Regardless of what a child may be interested in, they can likely find something to enjoy at Explorations V Children’s Museum.

“We have multiple programs every day here, we do cooking, science, and art,” says Eddie. “We have a lab downstairs with robots, so they can do coding and things like that. We do summer camps, including a storybook camp that’s funded by UnitedWay that prepares children for kindergarten.”

How Does Alltek Support Explorations V Children’s Museum?

Alltek has been working with Explorations V Children’s Museum for many years now. Our team is proud to support the important educational opportunities that Explorations V Children’s Museum offers Lakeland residents.

“I’ve been here for 12 years, and Alltek has been here longer – we’ve been working with Alltek forever. We have a strong partnership, we always have. You guys have been so responsive in dealing with our issues when we have a problem, and you’ve been very generous in helping us get to the next level with our server and our software.”

What’s Next For Explorations V Children’s Museum?

“Explorations V Children’s Museum has been here in Lakeland for 27 years, but what a lot of people might not know is that we’re moving to a brand-new location,” says Eddie.

“There’s a new park being built right now, right off of downtown called Bonnet Springs park. A brand-new children’s museum is going to be built on that site. We’re looking forward to being in our new building, which will be a larger structure and with more employees and lots more people coming through.”

Keep an eye out for when the new Explorations V Children’s Museum location opens up – it’ll undoubtedly offer Lakeland children even more ways to learn in a fun and stimulating setting.

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