New Client Spotlight – Esterline Construction & Esterline Landscape
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The team at Alltek Services is excited to announce our latest partnership with Esterline Construction and Esterline Landscape. These two companies are well-known in our area for their quality work and excellent reputation.

Esterline Construction

Esterline Construction

Esterline Construction is a State Certified General Contractor that specializes in multi-family and commercial construction management in Florida. Esterline has been constructing apartment complexes since 1998. Over the years, their reputation has been built on quality work with a proactive mindset to always do what needs to be done.

Esterline Construction has built more than 3,000 apartments for the Mahaffey Company, and commercial spaces from luxurious executive suites, fitness training studios, to renovated restaurants. They have also constructed many custom homes for clients in the Tampa and Orlando markets. Their owner, Dan Esterline, holds an MBA from The University of Florida and is a fourth-generation landscaper!

Esterline Landscape

Esterline Landscape

Esterline Landscape started with four employees, one truck and a make-shift office behind an apartment building in Lakeland. Since then, Dan Esterline and Henry Turner have expanded the business to three locations and more than 100 employees!

Their team of trained professionals handle all aspects of each project, from the idea phase through design and installation. They serve both commercial and residential properties.

With multiple locations and over one hundred employees, Esterline understands the importance and complexity of their IT infrastructure. They contacted Alltek Services to improve their communications between locations and implement cutting-edge security hardware, software, and tools.

We got to work right away and implemented Alltek’s set of standards known as our Box of Best Practices, across both companies. We crafted these security, help desk, server configurations, network infrastructures, documentation, and processes over decades in business, and from senior engineers within our company and technology partners across the nation. This proven set of guidelines and tools keeps our clients’ networks safe and their companies productive.

Once implemented, we have every level of technical expertise on the Alltek team to support every-day IT operations. From assisting with network troubleshooting to providing in-depth network reviews and testing, we provide a complete technology partnership for our clients.

Technology in the 21st Century is changing rapidly. Esterline Construction and Esterline Landscape understand the importance of IT investment to keep them evolving and sustaining the quality service they provide to their clients.

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