Case Study: Without Technology We Would Not Be Competitive In Our Market
Econ relies on Alltek, Inc. to provide optimal hardware management and connectivity support for their crucial IT systems. Econ is an engineering, surveying, and land planning firm based in Lakeland, […]
Alltek IT Services

Econ relies on Alltek, Inc. to provide optimal hardware management and connectivity support for their crucial IT systems.

Econ is an engineering, surveying, and land planning firm based in Lakeland, FL. Econ uses a wide range of high-end and complicated technology to help their clients get the best, most cost-effective use of their land. Ken Thompson, President, discusses Econ’s many technological needs as a business and how Alltek helped them optimize their IT infrastructure for best results.

Econ GPS and Robotic Surveying equipment allows Econ to collect boundary and topographic information about their clients’ land prior to development. They also use AutoCAD Civil 3D software in the office to prepare detailed maps for their engineers to visualize the rise and fall of the land, the proximity of roads, utilities, wetlands and other features that need to be considered in the final design.

“Without technology we would not be competitive in our market,” says Ken. “We rely on a safe and reliable server system to keep our data secure”.

The situation: Econ needed an IT Support provider that would be responsive, and customize their support services as need be.

“I first became aware of Alltek while researching a replacement for the IT firm that we had been using for the last decade,” says Ken. “They had become less responsive to our needs and unwilling to help us plan for the future. I felt it was time for a change”.

Econ had a number of concerns with their current MSP, whose unresponsive service had left their hardware less than functional. Their IT issues included:

  • A server with a great deal of old and duplicate stored data, leading to poor performance
  • An Internet connection well below the capability of their hardware. Despite paying for a 200mb/20mb connection, their MSP could only get them a 100mb download rate at best.

Luckily for Econ, Alltek, Inc. offers responsive and scalable service and was able to easily address their needs.

“The staff at Alltek was […] professional and they were willing to look at my concerns and modify their approach to fit my needs,” says Ken.

The solution: Alltek, Inc. designed IT solutions specifically to address each and every one of Econ’s IT issues.

Alltek, Inc. ended up being an ideal choice for Econ, providing them with the following solutions to their list of concerns:

  • Set up multiple partitions to separate system files, company data, and archive data to alleviate server issues.
  • Installed SonicWall hardware to gain optimal Internet speed.

Furthermore, Alltek, Inc. set a precedent to ensure client satisfaction, the likes of which Ken had never experienced with previous support providers.

At the end of our first 90 days with Alltek, Tom asked to meet with me to review where we were in regards to my initial concerns and look at possible changes for going forward,” says Ken. “In the decade prior, the last firm we were with only met with me when something went wrong”.

The Outcome: In addition to having their ongoing IT issues resolved, Econ now has proactive support from an IT service provider that listens to them and responds in a professional and timely manner.

“I appreciate the proactive nature of the server maintenance and the automatic backups of our data,” says Ken. “The monitoring of our system is virtually seamless. If I didn’t occasionally check the server myself, I wouldn’t even be aware that Alltek was working behind the scenes. I appreciate this because it allows me to focus on running my business, instead of having to focus on IT maintenance too”.

To this day, Alltek, Inc. continues to provide cost-effective IT solutions for Econ, including:

  • Managed Services
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Microsoft Office 365 support

“I would highly recommend that Alltek be at the top of any consideration for IT services,” says Ken. “They not only talk to their client, they actually listen and act on the client’s concerns”.

To benefit from Alltek’s proactive and high-value support today, get in touch with them here. You too can enjoy the success that Econ has gained with the best IT support available today.