Disasters Are More Than Just Tornadoes and Hurricanes – Is Your Business Prepared To Weather the Little Storms as Well as the Big?

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

DisastersWhen you hear the word ‘disaster,’ you probably think of the violence that Mother Nature can hand out against us. Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires – they certainly are some of the most dramatic disasters that can cripple a small business. But these disasters are pretty few and far between.

September is FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness Month, but while the government wants to ensure you’re prepared for disasters like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina, it’s the every-day little disasters that can set small businesses back far more than you’d think. Whether it’s a power outage because of construction down the road, a spilled can of coke on your office’s server, or even just plain old human error when someone accidentally clicks delete on that important file, the little disasters can be just as hard to recover from as the big ones. Is your business ready to recover?

Alltek works with businesses across {city} to help them prepare for any level of disaster, both natural and manmade. A disaster can strike at any time, so we help you prepare a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to protect your business and the livelihood of all the great people you employ. Don’t risk damage to your business over something easily prepared for: call us today at 863-709-0709 to learn more.

57% of American homeowners have supplies set aside for a disaster and 44% have a household emergency plan.

The numbers are even lower for small businesses across the country.

Many small business owners continue along each business day with functioning Internet, electricity to power their business IT systems and phone ringing with new sales orders. What would happen if one day this came to a grinding halt? If the power was off for days, or the Internet and phones just stopped working because some construction crew severed the communication pipeline into your office?

You need to be prepared to quickly and efficiently recover from disaster, big or small. Alltek can help by working with you to implement a Disaster Preparedness Plan for your business. We help you safeguard your information technology investments by:

  • Speaking with you and your staff to help you create a plan for dealing with any level of disaster, laying out in easy-to-follow, plain English what to do every step of the way.
  • Backing up your important systems and files not just in your office, but also securely offsite in a cloud-based data center, where they can be easily and quickly recovered and restored if necessary.
  • Migrating some or all of your systems to the cloud entirely, so you can easily access them whenever and wherever you need to, and not have to worry that damage to your onsite hardware will hold you back.
  • Monitoring your backups around the clock to guarantee they’re working correctly and that your important information can be restored at any time.
  • Testing your recovery plan step-by-step regularly so you have proof and peace of mind knowing that if you ever need it, it will work quickly and effectively.

Remember: Whether you’re preparing for the big threats like hurricanes and tornadoes or the little every day problems like the misclick of a key, your business’s disaster preparation is your responsibility. Plan now for when a disaster strikes, large or small. What are you willing to risk?

Alltek specializes in helping small to large companies in {city}. We are experts in helping organizations plan for a disaster. When you engage with us, our team will meet with you, access your current risk level and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure all risks are mitigated or removed. Call 863-709-0709 now to book your complimentary business continuity consultation.