Is your business vulnerable to cyber attacks? If your employees haven’t received cybersecurity training, the answer is a definite yes. While many companies invest thousands of dollars to secure their valuable data, recent statistics clearly show that an astonishing 90% of all cyber attacks are brought about by human behavior. In some instances, a disgruntled employee may deliberately hack the system with the intent of releasing data or holding it for ransom, but in most situations, it is employee error that opens the door for a data breach that can cost a company millions of dollars in lost sales.

What Type of Employee Mistakes Cause Data Breaches?

Even conscientious employees can inadvertently cause data breaches. Following are some common mistakes that can give hackers access to your valuable company data:

  • The use of personal devices for company purposes and the use of company devices for personal reasons. It is not uncommon for employees to use devices interchangeably; however, doing so is a serious mistake. Devices used outside the office, on an open network, can give malicious actors access to valuable data. Employees can provide hackers with access to company data stored on a personal phone by clicking on third party links or accessing unsafe apps or websites. Additionally, hackers can gain access to the company’s entire database if an employee then connects his or her device to the company IT system.
  • Unwise email usage. Many companies have been successfully hacked by cybercriminals posing as a superior. Emails purportedly from management asking employees to provide passwords or other sensitive information should always be viewed with suspicion. Unfortunately, many employees and even business executives fall for this common phishing tactic.
  • Weak passwords and weak password security. Busy employees often choose a password that is easy for them to remember such as a birthday, pet’s name or the name of a spouse or child. These passwords are incredibly vulnerable as hackers can find relevant information on social media. Another common problem is that passwords may be written down on a paper and then passed to a colleague or stored in an unlocked office drawer.

How Can Attention to Detail Prevent Cyberattacks?

Busy employees need training in cybersecurity to know how to prevent cyber attacks. They also need to learn the warning signs of a cyber attack and what to do should an attack occur. Quick, efficient action can often limit the scope of a cyber attack, preventing the theft or loss of valuable company data and making it easy for a company to get its IT system up and running again without undue delay.

The first step is for companies to outline clear cybersecurity guidelines. These should include rules on how, when and where company devices should be used as well as guidelines on reporting the loss or theft of a company device so it can be remotely wiped to prevent a data breach. Companies also need guidelines for password sharing, email management, internet usage and social media. Once a company has clear procedures for employees to follow, employees need to be taught not only the company guidelines but also the importance of following proper protocol.

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