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Cybersecurity isn’t always easy to handle on your own. You need various tools and practices:

  • Firewalls?
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Complex Passwords

Traditional cybersecurity products, like firewalls, monitor for network traffic based on a set of pre-defined rules – but the greatest threats don’t follow the rules. The most important ongoing protection comes from cyber security monitoring, to detect and react immediately to perceived threats to a network.

Your information has value – and not just to you.

Have you heard of the Dark Web? The Dark Web is the part of the web not indexed by search engines, and it requires specific authorization or software to access – making it incredibly challenging to discover if your information has been intercepted and made available via the Dark Web.

The scary truth is that most data ends up on the Dark Web – which is probably why it’s a favorite for cyber criminals just waiting to find your information for dark purposes. Most businesses only learn their information is being bought and sold on the Dark Web until they’re informed by law enforcement officials.

You can’t stop cyber criminals on your own – but with Active Dark Web Monitoring, you’re armed with global, cyber-surveillance monitoring protection in real time, as part of the Alltek Services TotalSafe Platform.

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