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by | Feb 19, 2019 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Cybersecurity In Lakeland

Cybersecurity: How To Remain Secure Online

Best defined as the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, these cybersecurity tips will keep your online activity safe from existing threats. Let’s face it, the Internet is an amazing digital place where one can get a plethora of different things completed. As such, because of the plethora of varying online activities that range from work-related to entertainment, there will always be some kind of threat that comes in the form of a security breach. Although it is the position of this article to present Alltek as a leading authority as it pertains to cybersecurity and all associated technical issues it is also the position of this article to shed light on different ways that can be used to avoid cybersecurity attacks.

Cybersecurity Tips: Avoid Human Mistakes

When it comes to security issues, human error is one of the biggest problems as it pertains to personal online activity as well as the online activity of businesses everywhere. There are several cybersecurity tips that can be found in any online search, however, a government agency known as US-CERT offers a few additional security tips that are related to cyber threats and how one can be better protected against such threats. Furthermore, Cisco Technologies cited different types of threats that one might come up against when conducting various forms of online activity. The following cybersecurity tips are a few of the most common mistakes made as it relates to cybersecurity:

  • Passwords: Here, mistakes are commonly made by creating a password that is easy to remember. Furthermore, these passwords usually don’t contain special characters, an element that enforces strengthened password security. Secure passwords are the preferred protocol and typically contains one or more special characters along with one or more numbers and capital letters.
  • Mishandled data is another way human error comes into play. Of the many cybersecurity tips that can be offered this mistake can best be avoided by first and utmost not sending important and secure information to the wrong recipient. Secondly, this mistake can be avoided by not deleting files not authorized for deletion. Such mistakes can further be avoided by making sure email addresses are correctly typed in and that no administrative access is granted to employees who may not be allowed to share important information.
  • A written security policy should be presented that not only lays out the rules and regulations of a company but should be presented effectively. Upon presenting the security policy cybersecurity tips recommend familiarizing all employees with the new policy especially as it pertains to creating passwords and the type of security software that should be used. Furthermore, educating all employees on policy practices should be implemented. When it comes to gaining access to data, by default, don’t. This eliminates all mistakes and issues having to do with mishandled data. Here, the only data that is accessible is the data needed to complete a specific task. Additionally, monitoring employee activity via monitoring software is a great way to detect where security breaches reside and where mistakes have been made.

Protecting Personal Devices

When it comes to protecting the vast amounts of personal devices that are always used by employees while at work there are more than a few ways that cybersecurity tips recommend to help stay protected against security threats and the like. One such way one can protect not only their personal devices but their personal accounts is to use a password manager that will detect the strength of a password. This can be used on any device and personal accounts. Additionally, doubling up on the security of authentication requirements are advised by cybersecurity tips.

Another great cybersecurity tips recommendation is to educate all employees on the subject of phishing. This will aid in keeping both the digital workplace and personal activity secure as employees will become aware of what is safe to click as it pertains to a suspicious website address or email attachment that could potentially threaten a given network. In addition to this, employees need to know that keeping an eye out on the different types of emails that are so often sent is a must as security breaches also come in the form of forged senders thus compromising the identity of the known sender. Overall, while using personal devices for work should never be allowed when it absolutely can not be avoided using a VPN is an excellent solution. This is a safe reliable solution as it encrypts all incoming information and can only be accessed by those who are immediately allowed to do so.

Cybersecurity Tips Software

Among the many ways to remaining safe while conducting the multitude of varying online activities the best way to ensure you are safe from cybersecurity threats is to use the best cybersecurity software. Right at the top of a long list of this particular software is TotalSafeoffered by Alltek. This is considered among the best software that can be found as it goes above and beyond the commonplace needs of a business. Some ways in which this is done is by reducing human error made through mishandled data, weak passwords and the like in addition to providing training on cybersecurity. Additionally, this is beneficial as it keeps employees up-to-date on security protocols as well as providing real case scenarios to train each employee who is required to pass with a score of 80%.

In conclusion, best defined as being protected against the unauthorized use of electronic data there are many ways that cybersecurity can be breached. While the most common way is through creating weak passwords or clicking into suspicious links sent via email there are more than a few ways in which cybersecurity can be an aid in protecting users from all security related threats. This is where the leading IT management company, Alltek, shines in its ability to help its clients out in various technological aspects that range from network security to back up and recovery. Alltek well versed as it pertains to cybersecurity, as well as many other related technological and network issues, and is the top managed IT company in the Polk County with a high success rate. Please stop in or contact Alltek office for a consultation to see how Alltek can work for you.